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Given the appreciation for Aktar’s monster curry box, I thought I’d start a wiki of foodboxes that I’ve spotted in lockdown. This is obviously heavily influenced by where I am in the country and/or what I’ve spotted online. We haven’t ordered from all of these (due to price, availability, preference, or a combination), but it’s been good to have something to look forward to this year - we’ve ordered one or two boxes per month.

Is this the way forward for restaurants? Quite possibly. In fact, this list was prompted by an email from Aktar’s GM this morning saying that selling the ‘at home’ boxes has enabled them to pay staff and avoid redundancies, which for independents is a great result. I also appreciate the chance to eat food from restaurants that - even in normal times - are too far away to easily visit. It does create waste, and the ‘fine dining’ options in particular do seem to use a lot of plastic. We’ve made a deliberate choice to steer away from restaurants that don’t supply in eco-friendly packaging, but often it’s difficult to know what will arrive.

Please add to this list - it would be great to see it tripled in size!

Nationwide delivery

‘Fine dining’

& Home (Kitchen Table) by James Knappett

Hawksmoor Christmas box

The Black Swan by Tommy Banks

The Owl, Leeds

Haar by Dean Banks



Simon Rogan (one of the few places offering single-person options)

Adam Handling

Adam Reid

Berry Bros & Rudd at Home



Bocca di Lupo



Jose Pizzaro


Aktar @ Home

Gymkhana, Brigadiers, Trishna


Zaap Thai (NB ready meals rather than foodboxes)




Patti & Bun

Bubble Shop (bubble dogs) (also grower Champagne!)

Monti’s Deli

Middle Eastern


Ottolenghi (London only, some options nationwide)



Simply Oysters (NB arrives raw, i.e. food supply rather than foodboxes, but I figure with oysters that’s close to the same thing anyway)

https://www.ethicalshellfishcompany.co.uk/ - Hand dived scallops, creel caught lobster, langos, and crab, decent oysters. Supplier to some excellent restaurants across the UK but now doing home deliveries in Edinburgh & Glasgow. Not cheap but the best seafood never is.

Rick Stein the Hake box is good value

Local to Leeds/York area (i.e. collect only)

Skosh. York

Vice & Virtue, Leeds

The Swine that Dines, Leeds

Ambiente Tapas


Eat Well


Peel’s On Wheels (Peel’s At Hampton Manor) - Quite limited to Birmingham City surrounding areas I believe

There are also several more on the Dishpatch directory, although these do all seem to be London-based (and therefore London-priced): https://dishpatch.co.uk/directory For some reason, ordering via this route feels less helpful to the restaurants - like ordering books on Amazon - but that impression might be completely misguided.

Good Food Guide list (includes all GFG-rated places doing national delivery)

Good Food Guide


Nice work.

For those in London, this is useful:



We have aBocca Di Lupa box coming on Friday.
First time for a restaurant box. Got free delivery by sharing with friends and we’ll have a zoom contacted dinner, I think.

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I really want to order the Dishoom bacon naan kit and have done since Lockdown #1 but I keep spending so much money every month I really shouldn’t.


Thanks - I’d forgotten Bocca di Lupo, so I’ve added it to the wiki. Would love to see how it works out for you :slight_smile:


The Bocca di Lupp box has arrived. Looking very good.


I’m very jealous!

Hmmm that packet of lamb looks a bit beige. :wink:

Have added a Manchester site to the wiki. Does a few different meal boxes from local restaurants plus veg/meat boxes. Plus it’s got a charitable element providing meals to people. Can recommend the cook at home noodle kits as easy and delicious.


I have also added Birmingham. Added Peel’s as that’s what I’m having next week for my Birthday ! was going to go for Aktar@home seeing as though I was supposed to be going to Opheem for it but might get that another time.


It’s served with potatoes!

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Just had an email from Hawksmoor - their save Christmas box so added that (fine dining, couldn’t see steak)


A very beige box for us this weekend too :slight_smile:

This from The Owl, as linked above. Crazy good value at £55 for two, although we’re close enough for local collection to save the delivery charge. And we get free kindling for the fire!


We ordered the Tommy Banks “Signature” box. Here’s a photo of the remains

To keep on theme, we had a bottle of Leoville-Poyferre 2001 with our beef wellington :slight_smile:


For those living between Southampton and Portsmouth, I’ll propose Chef Gary

He delivers for an additional fee. We’ve tried most of their fine dining options. The curry box fed two people for two nights!

Have added James Knappett. 11 courses tonight, will need to get an early start :joy:


Wow! Looks quite the task. I’d wish you good luck, but I’m sure you’re up to it.

I don’t think I have enough crockery for 11 courses!


not the hotdog box then?

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Have had the hotdog box a couple times and would recommend it!


Rumour has it they’re not reopening the hot dogs bit and will just be using the whole site for Kitchen Table when they reopen. It’d already stopped being a kitchen table, but I really liked the hotdogs!