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Food matches


Browsing through the website I notice that some wines show suggested food matches, and some don’t show that heading at all. Anybody know or able to think of any reason for this?

It seems odd because surely all wines go well with avocado and prawns, don’t they?


Both wines on TWS list that don’t match avocado prawn cocktail cannot be drunk with food.


If you don’t know who is giving the food and wine matching advice, and whether their tastes coincide with yours, then any such advice has zero worth.

For instance, what sort of recipe include the avocado and prawns……

Also, and this one is the biggy, are they taking the wine the same way as you?

I had a discussion with an American friend who was really into food and wine matching. When I saw how she was doing it, I was astounded as was she that I didn’t do the same.

I drink water or wine between eating bites of food. She sips wine with food still in her mouth. I can understand that the experience we both have is quite different.


I’m with you @peterm. I had no idea people would swill their food with a mouthful of wine!


Yes, I’ve noticed this too! I think it’s partly because some wines don’t particularly match the pre-selected recipes/dishes we have in our food-and-wine matching systems, but more commonly because the wine simply hasn’t been set up with food matches when it’s uploaded to the site.

I’ve also noticed every single wine we have matches avocado and prawns (no, we aren’t secretly sponsored by some shady avocado-and-prawn organisation…) so I think there’s definitely work to be done on this area of our product listings. :flushed:

Hopefully this will be ironed out in the new site launching later this year… :grimacing: In the meantime, apologies! And you can always ask here for excellent food and wine matching advice. :wink:


Ah, interesting, thanks. I’d assumed that all wines would be uploaded in the same way, with the same standard headings. Also hadn’t considered that there were only a limited number of food matches available which might not contain anything suitable for particular wines.

As for the ubiquitous avocado and prawn, I guess there’s a fiendish bug loose!


Yes, @Andy999, I had noticed that too.


I once tried writing an AI-based wine pairing app. It work in theory, but in reality either good weirdly ultra specific (i.e. odd very obscure grapes/exact recipes) or did just match everything with Claret (fair enough really) or Avocado and Prawns.

I am now wondering if I’ve been hacked by TWS.