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Food matches for Condrieu and Viognier


I bought these wines en primeur and thought it would be fun to drink them together to see if we can taste what more you get for your money by buying Condrieu as opposed to a more generic wine from the same grape (and region and producer).

Any suggestions for what to serve with them or perhaps best to drink as an interesting appero challenge?


Sounds lovely. I,have been buying the red version of Ogier La Rosine for the last 3 years.
For a tasting, I would suggest goats cheeses of the Rhone valley and toasted walnuts.


Thanks for the link DrEm, I would not have thought about goats cheese, which I love, as a potential match.


Cheese and wine - very retro :wink:
Anyone for pineapple?


Viognier works really well with less spicy Thai cookery, Pad Thai for example. Chicken Tagine with apricots would also be lovely!


I think both of these are excellent purchases! I also bought some of the same Condrieu :slight_smile: I find these types of Rhone whites are a constant winner with both wine enthusiasts and novices.

I do think the classic shellfish match is a real winner. Especially this time of year we always have a lighter seafood/shellfish meal and I always serve something like you have here with it. We also drink it with simple pan-fried fish - like sole or maybe Turbot.

I like @NickFoster idea of less spicy Thai food - I agree the fragrant flavours in that will enhance those from the Viognier… I wouldn’t pair it with Pad Thai the way I like it though… super spicy! :smiling_imp:


@JayKaydo let us know how you find them. I’m thinking of buying one of these EP in the next round!


Update on this thread I started. The comparative tasting took place on Christmas Eve with an amazing dish prepared by my brother - monkfish wrapped in Parma ham and roasted. It was easy to taste the difference between the Condrieu and the Viognier, the former being much more full bodied and flavoursome. I was a little disappointed with the Viognier having previously enjoyed the 2013 vintage which I remember as more full bodied than the 2015 vintage and tasted like a bargain Condrieu. So I reckon the next tasting will be to compare the two Viognier to check if my recollection of the superiority of the 2013 vintage still stands.


Thank you, that is really interesting.