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Food for aged chenin

Looking for food ideas to match an old(ish) chenin. Specifically a 1980 Moulin Touchais. Shall I make it the main event, or with nibbles/cheese?

Presumably it will be moelleux, in which case an apple tart or crumble.

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Yes, the degree of sweetness is something to consider. Though the longer you keep a lot of those Loire chenins, the drier they appear to get, unless it’s from a stonkingly late-picked trie.

I think I’d play safe and serve it with biscuits and cheese.


This can have a spine of acidity too. Could also be a bit oxidised. Apple crumble is a good suggestion.

Possibly pork with apples in some form too. If cheese, then I would check the sweetness/acidity balance. I think it might be nice with something like Wensleydale, possibly with some things in it.

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Hmm. It doesn’t actually say!

I can’t finduch info on it except this blog which describes it as a ‘disgraceful year’ so I’m looking forward to it:


I recently had the 1981 and I think both the below are very much on point.

don’t imagine bone dry though…


There’s a review of Moulin Touchais flights by Sarah Ahmed (The Wine Detective) here -

Moulin Touchais

It includes the 1980 vintage, though her bottle was faulty.


Definitely one to look forward to


Dirty! It’s perfect.

I think I’m going to plan on cheese, and find a backup.


1980 is always the worst vintage everywhere. I wonder if I should read more into that??


It’s OK for Port as far as I can tell, but I’m now saving that for Christmas. Not sure what to do with the Bual though.

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Pair it with blue cheese and have the whole lot yourself while no-one is looking??

I have a couple of bottles of 1980 port, I think one is being saved for christmas now, the other is going to be opened in September for half birthday celebrations. (I also have a 1980 Barolo, which I’m pretty sure is going to be atrocious!)


Another vote for cheese.

Or Foie Gras. But I suppose cheese is a bit less unethical.


That would be so easy :yum:

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Cover all your bases! prepare two courses:

Tarte Tatin (proper home-made, with apple and buttery caramel + essential cold creme fraiche) = great if the Chenin is moelleux.

Cheese course (farmyard Lancashire front and centre, I like Boursin, and perhaps a Vacherin?) = good if the wine is dry or off dry.

And a backup wine in case the Chenin is corked… 20 y/o tawny port?

I envy you, old Chenin is wonderful & I love the beeswax / honey notes.


Foie gras on toasted brioche with caramelised apple


I’m liking the Foi gras on toast & apple - Suitably decadant. On similar lines (main course) veal chops (I think Waitrose do them) - with DrEm’s caramellised apple. Or calves liver with truffled pomme puree?


Foie grad
Have had this
First bought moulin touchais from Sainsbury’s in the early 80s
More recently from a well respected merchant in London where it was being sold in a flight
Marvellous stuff

Do report how it is @tom - I have two bottles of the (birth year) 1979

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