Fontodi Offer

" Fontodi’s delicious 2015s" offer just in by email.

I keep saying no new wine for a while and then this arrives.


Got the same email.
I bought cases of the 2013 Sorbo (Vinous 97+) and the 2013 Flaccianello (Vinous 98) almost 2 years ago. I understand that it may be 2023 as a minimum until they are ready to broach.
My debit card is currently under lock and key at my “instruction” until I must pay for my Christmas delivery. And then it will be Rhone EP 2017 after that, unless of course Marcel decides to release some top end Chave, Jaboulet, Guigal, Rostaing, Sorrel etc. from terrific vintages at bargain basement prices.
Now, there’s a challenge!! :wink::grin:
Fontodi, in my experience do an exceptional “basic” Chianti, I still have a little of the 2013.
I would urge members who have not sampled Fontodi, at £19 per bottle, it is a terrific bottle.


Well, damn…

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I’ve put 6 bottles in the basket.

Jancis gives it a score of 17.

2 separate articles on her website say

“I loved this 2015, which seems to speak so eloquently of the region and the charms of the Sangiovese grape. Its purity that is so magnificent, plus its balance of ripe but extremely fresh fruit and that tanginess that characterises a fine Chianti Classico. With particularly fine tannins, it lasts and lasts. Its 14% alcohol is not obvious. I gave it 17 points out of 20 and would happily drink it any time over the next five years – preferably with food.”


" Current release. Aged in French barriques for 18 months. 170,000 bottles produced.
Pure and fresh with really admirable purity. Gorgeous and very much of this place. Long with fine tannins. Bravissimo!


Drink 2018-2023"


Gah! I love Fontodi!

Time for my usual routine then:

  • Hold head in hands
  • Check bank balance
  • Sigh
  • Repeat the mantra:
    I can’t have them all; I have lots of wine already; another offer is always around the corner; I can’t have them all; I have lots of wine already; another offer is always around the corner; I can’t have them all; I have lots of wine already; another offer is always around the corner; I can’t have them all; I have lots of wine already; another offer is always around the corner…

Like this?

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Uffff. I’d need a time machine to be able to afford a Ridge Monte Bello :t_rex:


@herbster are you also rocking backward and forward whilst chanting ? :rofl:


I ressurect this thread to mention I’ve just had an email with the 2016 offer.

Same price, but as I bought 12 of the 2015 and it’s still in 12s, I’m out.

I was curious though and looked back through past emails - 2010 was £16, 2011 £17, 2015 and 2016 both £19. Not bad really considering the vintages.

Incidentally there are still plenty of cases of 2015 left, so perhaps I’ll return later for this…


Likewise put a few bottles of the 2015 in reserves last week. Is the 2016 better, that different?

I was at a drinks event recently and was chatting to someone from Liberty wines about Chianti Classico. I asked if 2015 was a vintage to look out for and they thought that the 2016 was a good step up on it. I can’t speak from personal experience but there you go…


Thanks for the heads up. The straight Classico is so good I’ve never felt the need to spend up. As much as I’d like to try the Vigna Del Sorbo whilst the Classico remains less than half it’s price it’ll never happen !

That said, it’s one for the wish list presently.

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My email says £20 but when I click through it comes up as £19!

I hate that. Where is this extra pound unfairly going?! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


It dipped in price in 2012. Had six bottles from the TWS for £15. Don’t know if it was considered a poorer vintage - I remember it being lovely.

That’s a good price, hmm - it gets a 7 according to TWS, whereas the 2014 which I still have some of is marked down, but I still enjoy it.

Fontodi keeps so well. I still have the 2010 but only 2 bottles left. Other excellent Tuscan producers at differing price levels in my experience are Poggiopiano (WS exhibitionj, Isole di Olena and Selvapiana.

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Don’t bother. The Geyserville is more interesting anyway!

I really like 14 in Tuscany. In fact increasingly I find I like unhyped vintages more than the ones the critics salivate over!