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Fonseca. Anything to Declare?

Quinta do Noval has launched a set of ‘exceptional’ vintage Ports from the 2020 harvest – the property’s tenth consecutive declaration since the much-celebrated 2011 release.
(The Drinks Business)

Once upon a time, exceptional meant…well…exceptional!

Is it just me?


I suppose it may just mean that they think the 2011 release is of exceptional quality as compared with other recent vintages. If so, it may lead to the question why there have been so many vintage releases of late.

TBH, if you want hype, nobody can hold a candle to the deathless prose emanating from the PR departments of the main Bordeaux houses.

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Sounds like it’s not very uniquely exceptional!

I suspect they are defining exceptional as ‘very good’ rather than ‘unusual’!

In fairness, whilst Noval do declare pretty much every year they only do so with whatever grapes they deem ‘exceptional’ that year, hence why their VP production quantities vary wildly year-on-year.