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Flatbread query



No worries, @dpawson! :wink:
I wish I paid more attention at the time - then I would have been able to offer more than just a memory of eating flatbread…! :roll_eyes:


I dont know ifm they are like the real thing, but Aldi do a ready folded version, seeded and plain…very useful for wiping up sauce and other food residue…vg warm and filled with marmalade.


I’ve never found a bought one that’s a patch on home made. The good news is that it’s really easy. Using no yeast is the easiest - just 2 table spoons of oil, water 125g, flour 225g and half a teaspoon of salt. Five minutes to mix the dough; a half hour to let it rest (open a bottle); five minutes to shape the flat breads and two minutes a pop to cook your flat bread. The dough will rest for a day if you want and it freezes fine as well. Give it a go and you’ll never look back. Good luck.


Yes we make flatbread once in a while if we want bread, have none, and don’t want to wait the minimum 1.5 hours (or so) that it takes to make normal bread. If you skimp on the “resting” bit, you can have flatbread on the table in less than thirty minutes from the first idea to make it.


Of course rotis are flatbreads too and no yeast so dead quick to make.
you can get the right sort of flour (or atta) in your local Indian shop if you have one.
I use the East End brand.


Thank you all for your helpful comments and suggestions. Bolstered by the recipes and tips, I think I’ll give it a go myself. What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll report back after Sunday.


You have to feed it to the birds, but it’s rock hard and unappetizing, so the birds disdain it?


I can see it now…