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Flatbread query



Hi all, I need some help sourcing a good flatbread. Up until last year I used to buy a large rectangular flatbread from Ocado (or was it Waitrose?). It measured around 70cm x 20cm and was part-scored into 3 parts. It was branded but I have no recollection of the maker. I recall it was eastern Mediterranean in origin. It is no longer stocked and I don’t have any saved orders to refer to. I’d like to track it down and buy from whoever now stocks it. Do you recognise it from this description and can you give me anything more to go on in my quest? If not, do you have a favoured authentic flatbread you’d recommend?

Many thanks in anticipation.


It wasn’t Crosta & Mollica was it? Waitrose are the worst for not giving something long enough to get established then discontinuing it.

I’ve never found a decent flatbread anywhere in the UK. Shame as they’re so easy to get on mainland Europe.


If it is the Crosta & Mollica mentioned by @Aaronb - this link might be helpful: https://www.crostamollica.com/where-to-buy/

I’m a huge fan of flatbreads, as it’s used regularly in Middle Eastern cuisine. My Yemenite grandmother used to make a traditional one, called Saluf - and although I don’t have her recipe, this one looks pretty good (in case you fancy making one yourself) :slight_smile:


Very interesting, by chance that recipe in your link is EXACTLY my daily bread recipe (minus the fenugreek.) Except, I shape it into two loaves & bake it, rather than shaping a flatbread and frying it. So - I’m going to buy fenugreek and make it this way! I love all kinds of flatbreads…

Well, the quantities are exactly my recipe. However I add the yeast to the water and a little sugar, wait for it to foam, then add to the flour - whereas this recipe seems to add all together with the flour separately …


It wasn’t them, I’m afraid. Their piadina are good but not what I’m after. I’ve also noticed that they sometimes let good stuff go well before they’ve given it a chance to build. Oh well.


Thanks, @inbar. I did wonder if anyone would come up with the home-made solution! It’s something I try and avoid if at all possible. But if I haven’t found these flatbreads by Friday, I think I’ll have a crack at the one you linked. It’s jogged my memory that the one I’m after had fenugreek seeds as well.


Well! What a coincidence! Where did you get your recipe from?

I wish I paid more attention when my grandmother was cooking, but I was young and foolish. And easily bored. She did use a sort of home equivalent of a taboon , and the smell was something out of this world. We ate it with a Yemeni soup, dipped in Hilbe.

Do you use yours as a normal bread? I might have to try this now! :smiley:


Well, that’s a start, I guess! :slight_smile:

I think Fenugreek is used a lot in the Indian subcontinent, as well as in Yemen - so maybe it’s worth looking in shops selling Indian flatbreads for something similar?


After making bread for many decades, I simply developed a daily bread recipe that is reduced to the basics (3 cups of flour, 1.25 cups of water, one teaspoon yeast, one teaspoon salt.) Oh, I also add a “generous glug”, tablespoon maybe, of olive oil.

(The flour can be any combination of white, whole-wheat and oats adding up to three cups - so long as the oats is no more than 0.5 of a cup.)

Yes, just a normal bread, shaped various ways.


@NeilS - I never got the Waitrose flatbread but when we got home after a long flight and holiday we called into the small Tesco ‘local’ near us and bought ready meals for that evening plus this flatbread which was jolly nice…



Thanks Peter, anything to save me making one.

On a wider point, I’m really blooming annoyed with myself that I can’t remember the maker of the original flatbread. I just took it for granted they would be available at my discretion for ever after. Compared to the effort I happily put in to recording name and stockist of any wine I enjoy, I’ve done this delicious product a disservice. I think I’ll pay more attention in the future.


Have you tried asking the staff that work that section of the store? There should be a manager for the specific area who is probably far more clued up than the customer service desk and the online team.

(I don’t work there for the record, the shop closest to me is Waitrose so I spend far too much time and money there and know most of the staff)


Is there a way to check past Ocado orders? Email confirmations etc…


Don’t know where you live but in Birmingham the Asian grocers often sell lavash bread in around the measurements you seek.


Good idea. Sadly not. Nothing in favourites on the site and all emails deleted.


Have you tried any of the Asian supermarkets??
The one near me do a fresh flatbread very similar to the ones I used to buy in Baku.
Worth a try.


Have you tried making your own?
It’s pretty easy.
I use the Moro recipe


My childhood favourite bread was “oven bottom cake” (flatbread cooked
along with normal loaves but in the bottom of the oven).
@Inbar - would you post the recipe please?
Pretty please?

A bread lover.


I would be happy to - if I knew which recipe you mean…?


Sorry @Inbar, re-reading, I see you offered a memory of eating / not cooking!
My error.
@profavi offers one - I’ll try that when I have (make) time.