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Fizz file - November Society News


This article reminded me to ask - could the Society source a Franciacorta?


That is a valid point… it came up earlier in this thread.


Funnily enough this topic conversation pops up from time to time and has been mentioned here before … (and I see @szaki1974 beat me to the punch there)

What is it about Franciacorta particularly that excites you @AnneC?

We Franciacorta lovers need to build our case (so to speak!)


Maybe the Society’s Italian buyers are to focussed on Lambrusco and Prosecco. Also Franciacorta would be comparable in price to Champagne and is a similar product (made from same grapes using the same method)…


I can’t express it analytically, although it does seem that, though there’s no cheap “supermarket” versions it compares very favourably with champagne price for price. I can only describe it as méthode champenoise with added brio.


To return to the original source of the thread, I think that the article is also in part an answer to the question since it does show how broad the sparkling wine range is already and extending this further could be confusing for members

Maybe @JO4WINE who wrote the article might have some thoughts on the positioning of Franciacorta in the mix?

… but you’ve got me reading the list now and wondering which ones I will be buying for Christmas myself :slight_smile:


Hi there, sorry for delay in replying! We do get asked about Franciacorta from time to time and I have mentioned it to the Italian wine buyer. The last time I had a conversation about it, the answer was that we didn’t feel that the wines we had looked at represented great value for money compared to other sparkling wines of a similar quality. No doubt if this situation changes, then our buyers will be getting hold of one to add to our list.