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Five Green Bottles (Radio)


The Beeb has just revamped its radio version of iPlayer into a sort of podcast listening resource. Same thing really but different presentation.

But whilst investigating, I came across a series of five short programmes on wine which I must have missed. Entitled “Five Green Bottles”, they are five short but highly engaged views from well-known wine writers on various topics such as -

  • Barry Smith on “The Terroirs of Burgundy”
  • Tim Atkin on “The Choicest Wine”
  • Rebecca Gibb on “The Rise of the Supertuscan”
  • Hugh Johnson on “Ancient Steinwein”
  • Jancis Robinson on “The Parker Effect”

each of which (I think - I haven’t listened to all yet) base their talk around a single wine to illustrate their thoughts.

They are all just under 15 minutes and well worth listening - you can find them here -
Five Green Bottles series

Has anyone else heard them? I thought they might be the sort of thing fellow members might be interested in.


Thank you very much.


I know what to do with the long winter evenings now! :radio:
Thanks so much, @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! :+1:


Top work. Thanks.


Yes, all very listenable.


Thank you for that, I have just listened to the Hugh Johnson and the 1540 Steinwein, more than just a wine, a history lesson, fascinating.


There’s an interesting entry about this particular wine in Oz Clarke’s The History of Wine in 100 Bottles, which also includes a picture of said bottle, and of the cellar.


Listened to them when they first came out - they were promoted by Tim and Jancis on social media

I really liked them and their format - an in depth snippet !

Also check out Radio 4
Food Programme

Mix of food and drink - i’ve loved the Japanese whiskey and champagne shows


Well I have listened to them all now, a good spread of articles and worth listening to, as always with TV and radio certain people come across better than others, and the Hugh Johnson and Jancis episodes for me stood out for interest and clarity, the Sassicaia one was probably the hardest to listen to but still interesting.
Thanks again for the find.