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Fitness/exercise at home

Does shifting around 10 ton of chippings count as exercise? I don’t think it comes under the “fun” category :grinning:


Definitely counts. You deserve a freshly-opened reward

Some very cool ideas here, thanks! If I’m going to be stuck at home for the forseeable I’ll need to mix it up a bit. :wink:

Another one I thought I’d share is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube:

She’s a really great teacher, and covers all abilities, and there’s just hundreds and hundreds of yoga workouts of all lengths and styles!


you’ve just made my wife’s day…she does a class every Saturday morning - well until this morning when the gym closed !


My favorite resource is https://www.yogadownload.com/. They have hundreds of classes and have the best teachers in my opinion. Also, they are giving away memberships for 50% off. Use the code I have: YogaAtHome.

Stay safe everyone!


Skipcercise on the back patio with Tabata app set to 40s on, 20s off for 20mins. You can also link your music to the app so we chose The Killers. Seemed appropriate for 20 mins skipping. Good workout!


Now that is funny and intimidating!!
But I will wager a shedful that they are so worth it. :wink: :grinning:

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This workout seems appropriate.


I’m sure we can come up with a prize for anyone providing video evidence of having done it!


Is manic Spring cleaning considered exercise?? Have done 2 hours, and planning on at least one more after lunch :muscle:
Now that the beautiful sunshine in pouring in through the windows you can really see the dust everywhere! :grimacing:


I also skip exercise nowadays… :wink:


My road bike is going to get rather more kms this year, at least while we’re still allowed out to exercise by ourselves. It’s normally only used at weekends, but without my normal 8km commute, and no gym, an hour’s blast in the morning before work beckons.


I did an hour “HIITStretch” class on Zoom yesterday run by someone I train with. Other than illustrating that while I am strong from weightlifting, my cardio is still not great (there was a point where I had to JUST STOP), Zoom as a platform actually worked very well for this kind of thing.

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I never thought I’d say this, but I’m already missing my walk to/from work :frowning_face:. It takes me about 50 minutes each way, but it’s one of the calmest bits of my day, especially walking through Wild Park - a little nature reserve en route - watching the seasons change. As me and the other half now both work from home (negotiating computers and tablets will be interesting!), we decided on a daily lunch walk to compensate.


100% with you, even though mine is through one of the most polluted parts of London, it’s still very odd not doing it.

I’m going to start “walking to work” to start the day off the right way, even if it’s just 20 minutes round the block, rather than 45 minutes across town.

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An hour of tennis this afternoon, with strict isolation rules, we were both married couples so isolated together. Two sets of balls one for each pair and cross over at opposite sides of the net. Lovely afternoon for it too. Apparently you must only handle your own balls on court.:sunglasses:


Thanks @Leah, we joined in this morning.

I am hideously unfit but made it through the session, the kids tried their best :sweat:

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We did the PE, too… the kids lost interest half way through. I can hardly walk now.


Yes my wife had a call…

Did we just hear a shout out on Joe Wicks to the @Leah family?

We’re lucky enough to have a home gym, plus my wife is a qualified PT.

My wife and kids are in there every day.

I have refused to let my wife train me as it will just end in tears (almost certainly mine).

Instead, I’ve been using the Nike training app which is very good and has great workouts and plans on there and plenty of them need absolutely no equipment. Well worth a look and it’s free.