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Fitness/exercise at home

Hi all,

My wife and I are planning to find a nice national trust area to go for a walk this weekend (if its not raining) but if we can’t we will probably try and do some sort of work out at home.

I am sure there are many others who are stuck at home at the moment so I thought it might be good for others to share what seems to work well for them to keep active.

I guess people might be dusting off an old Nintento Wii with the Wii fit board around somewhere :rofl:

Things are dire here in lockdown.

Resorted to this yesterday. One of the worst things that has ever been on screen.

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Our gym has been amazing, they have produced a crossfit home-bound workout using basic household implements and bodyweight exercises. This is broadcasted with video demos on FB and the coaches are available for questions on any type of adaptation/scaling of movements.

They have also allowed members to sign-out equipment to do basic lifting etc

A good idea is no matter what you do, keep it on a timer. As long as you’re keeping a high rate with good quality movement, you’ll be getting good cardiovascular stimulus, strength and coordination.

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes…

  1. 15-20 Press-ups
  2. 45 seconds maximum skipping
  3. 15-20 Body weight rows (use your dining room table)
  4. 10-15 Jumps on to a stable platform, like a garden wall, sofa etc

5 rounds of that and you’ll be sweating

After that you can do an online yoga type workout or stretching and flexibility flow, especially for focussing on your hips and upper thoracic which will not get a lot of movement from desk working at home or walking around too much.

Things like handstand/hand balancing and other calisthenic oriented training need virtually no equipment and you’ll really get a great workout.


There’s an app called Tabata that provides option to set exercise and rest durations eg 40 and 20 secs. Decide in advance what simple exercises you do, how long you want to spend in total, press go and there you are. Continue for as many minutes and exercises as you wish to a soundtrack of your choice.


Also for kids, the body coach Joe Wicks is doing PE at 9am every morning on his YouTube channel . There is also Go Noodle which is an animated kids exercise follow along you tube exercise workout … adults feel free to also partake :wink:.


Great, thanks for this.

Eugene might have been terrible, but he was a bit punishing nonetheless. I really need to keep up some physical regimen if I can’t go outdoors.

I’m gonna bring the drumkit out of retirement.


I have a weightlifting competition that has yet to be cancelled in May, but no access to anywhere to train. In the hope of staying at least fit and flexible I am doing a lot of this sort of exercise, particularly things involving squats and lunges.

I’m also (in the hope of maintaining at least some strength!) doing the same exercises v e r y s l o w l y. Counting to 10 while descending into a deep squat is a great strength work out (especially if you use a broom handle to make it into an overhead squat).

Have a look at https://www.betterwithbean.com

its from Prof greg Whyte - the man behind training so many of the celebs for the amazing comic and sport relief challenges …and top bloke !

Just announced its now free…


Hanstands, flag training, pistols, jumping etc…the chinese lifters make this mandatory accessory stuff!

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If you want a daily workout programmed by our head coach, demoed with pointers…designed for those with minimal or no equipment and self isolating


I’m assuming you haven’t got a garden then? Bending, lifting, twisting, pulling, pushing. Who needs the gym?

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Well the gym is a handy, convenient and social place where we do well programmed workouts with supervised coaching with a huge variety of movements in all orientations with progressive overloads and complexity in both weighted and calisthenic forms. A garden and manual work is an excellent place to start, but reaching the greater echelons of athletic endeavour can use a little equipment :wink: (and planning and organisation)


Oh yes! I forgot to mention the spade, fork, trowel, rake, dibber, hoe :wink:


And we don’t have flowerbeds at the gym! :grin:

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My lifting coach is doing similar, but mixing it up is definitely going to be needed!

I am currently trying to find out if I can hire a barbell, some plates and a squat rack for the duration!

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I’ve got a pair of identical five-year-olds available for hire from Monday - have one on each arm.


Yes, holding my 4 and 8 year old apart is proving fairly effective. Not sure what I’m going to do on leg day though

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In case any of these are any use to anybody!

Get with Active Northumberland…