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Fishy question


I’m afraid the only mushroom I can identify has, er, special qualities




ref: Mushroom question. Dont EVER rely on tinterweb for mushroom identifying ! this is my go-to mushroom foraging manual.

Personally I avoid anything thet looks like your typical white mushroom (unless its in a field) because the destroying angel is VERY similar, and deadly.

Happy hunting ! - usual disclaimers apply.


Our part of the world doesn’t really have that much in the way of deadly animals, weather, plate tectonics and what have you … but by jiminy we’ve got some murderous plant life, haven’t we.


Thank you for your replies. I have opted for the ‘How to identity’ book, only because it fits my bookshelves! But I may buy the Roger Philips book to supplement my reading.

I’m not sure what Lapin-rouge meant by avoiding the ‘typical white mushroom’. I’m sure these are the ones I have in my garden.



Not always as safe as you might think.


I have the greatest respect for Cattle. I regulary walk with a dog through fields with cattle grazing . I try to keep well away. Sometimes if they are near my exit gate . I have to get closer. On one occasion recently the farmers two sisters in their 80s asked me to assist their entry into a field . They were in a range rover and the bullochs were pressing against the gate . I had to open the gate and push the gate against the cattle. The cattle moved back .One of the sisters got out of her vehicle and started hitting the cattle with her stick to get them to move . At that point i moved on with my walk.


Cattle are not safe - they are inquisitive, big and get scared easily!

One of the fields near my house regularly has cattle in to graze…a few years ago a herdsman was moving some out and I asked if he wanted a hand with the gate. He explained that if one of these cattle (can’t remember the breed) pressed against the gate it was half a tonne !

I have seen them run (at some speed) across the field so fully understand the trample risk


Ah… The problem is that there are actually very few truly deadly fungi - maybe only a handful - but perhaps the worst (destroying angel) can be confused for a wood mushroom. So I tend to avoid white mushrooms except those in fields or supermarkets.

Similarly with cattle - being followed by a herd of Limousin bullocks is un-nerving - if you stop and turn around, they pretend to be grazing. When you walk a little faster, they break into a chase.

Sorry - cant help you with sea trout (I just eat them)


As a lad, I was terrified of bullocks. They could easily out-run me. I would try to skip-by unnoticed. But if they looked up they’d chase towards me.

One summer night, a friend and I thought it would be fun to sleep in a tent. The field was empty and we slept intermittently. But we were woken by sniffing which we thought was a dog……………


And on the subject of mushrooms

Something I only became aware of very recently, and hadn’t considered previously.


Prompted by this thread, I picked up a side of wild sea-trout at the local fish wholesaler (not bad at £16). Most is now portioned up and in the freezer, but I oven baked the tail end in a little white wine & black pepper - covered so it didnt dry out. Around 15 mins - until barely done - then put to cool before eating with a salad. Fantastic.