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First society purchase


Hi all,

I recently joined the Society. I am based in Jersey and I only get 2 deliveries a year. I am also not able to purchase mixed cases. I am looking to pop my WS cherry and get my first order in, the first delivery will be for Christmas. My question was is there any wines you would absolutely recommend as being on the hit list for purchases by the case (or where offered half case). Ideally these wines could take at least a little age as I said I can only receive deliveries 6 monthly.



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I’m sure you’ll get loads of recommendations, as there are loads of good options. Only available by the 12, but would last for several years, these would be my choice.

Good luck and enjoy!


Saying it’s Christmas this port punches well above it’s weight, ready to drink but would also last.
The two reds mentioned above would also be a good buy.


I’m not sure what style you are particularly into but would recommend a half case of this

Alternatively a case of this would store well over the mid term

Or if you’re pushing the boat out (but then I am a bit rose tinted about Felton Road wines)


I reckon you’ll get lots of recommendations for reds, so I’ll give you my favourite everyday whites!


I was a little surprised by that unmixed cases restriction, but I see it’s a customs and excise restriction :frowning: . That’s a bit of a pain. It might be worth seeing if there are any other Wine Society members who you might be able to share orders with and then split the cases. I guess they’d have to have the same tastes as yourself though.

I’m not making any recommendations as others here are far more knowledgeable when it comes to that sort of thing! Also without knowing your preferences and/or price range I’d feel a little lost.

I would say that I’d have thought most of the wine list would probably last at least 6 months without any big problem. I’d have thought that most Riojas, even the cheaper ones, would last as would most Bordeaux, though possibly some of the cheaper of them might be stretched a little.


How unfortunate you only have 2 deliveries per year but lucky to get a GREAT big order in :wink:. Some great recommendations already given and @NickP has suggested excellent value for money society wines. They really are decent wines.
If you haven’t tried this then you should, a great southern Rhone with a very attractive price point. I’ve stuck some away for the future to see how it ages too.

Also, depending on your entertainment plans over the festive period, I can’t recommend the bag in box wines enough. Not ANY old bag in box wines but these 2 absolute crackers:

Although, not all wines that were available last year are available right now, it may be useful to have a look through some of the Christmas wine Threads from last year, both leading up to the main event and over the Festive period. If anything, it will give you an idea of what you may want to drink this Christmas and some suggestions too. Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Some really great recommendations already above, I would add a couple of reds…

oh well, one more…

this one will definitely benefit from a year or two more cellaring…


The red ain’t bad either…


And for Christmas sherry…

Can’t be beaten, glass a night for a week…:slight_smile:

Maybe I should move to Jersey to get some discipline into my wine ordering…:wink:


Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. I know I wasn’t particularly helpful in terms of the information I gave but I have a lot to work with in terms of deciding what to go for. I will let you all know!


Hi all,

I thought I would follow up on this I have picked out some wines from here, but also when I was looking through the suggestions and I got to the greek wine suggested I thought a good idea would be to look at the wine regions that the society offered that are not so easily attainable for me locally. I have picked out 7 (all red wines) for the wishlist so far. However 3 of these are Lebanese and I would prefer a bit more variety. Does anyone have any experience with these wines and could point me in the direction of which one they would go for?

The other 4 wines I picked out are below for anyone interested.

Once again thank you very much for all your help.



Great choices @Mike.
For reference this is a review I did of the Rapsani… Can you tell I LOVED it. Hope you do too. Enjoy .


Hi @Mike
You’ve had some excellent choices from the Community so far, and I’d echo a lot of the suggestions - Domaine Maby Lirac Blanc, Society Sicilian Reserve Red, Grignan les Adhemar, Kumeu Village Chardonnay, Society Valpolicella etc.

A couple of others I would add are:
This is great now, punching well above its price, but can definitely take some ageing as well.

Really good Portuguese red (and there’s a discount for a case of 6 on this one at the moment as well):

Loved this Portuguese white - 6 to a case:

By the way, the Sendiana that you picked out got rave reviews from @inbar and is definitely on my radar. Should last a few years as well :+1: