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First live concert



The Bluetones, Preston Guildhall, 1997. Tragic britpop perhaps but at the time they seemed a bit edgier than the other indie bands around at the time.


Ahhh, Gala brings back very happy, slightly innocent, memories… :blush:


I was only ten.
Around that era I wished it was something like Jethro Tull though I did manage to sneak them in later.


@Inbar just to let you know that I am off to see The Cure at Hyde Park on 7th July at Hyde Park and Ride and Slowdive are both supporting - I am really looking forward to it but it could be a very long day!


Bon Jovi 1995, final Adelaide grand prix, aged 12, just after they released Crossroads. Still a guilty pleasure to this day.
Whoa… Livin’ on a prayer! :metal:


Apart from small local ska-punk-metal nights at Yeovil’s Labour Club (shout out to NoComply!), my first gig was Less Than Jake in Exeter in about 2003, when I was 14. At the time I thought they were so cool…


I may have to crack open Minstrel In The Gallery this morning now.


Wowzers, @StevenGordon!! This gig would have been my dream ticket circa 1991!! I was so obsessed with The Cure, that my nickname in high school was ‘Mrs Smith’ :grin:
And as for Ride and Slowdive on the same bill… Sounds like a merry early 90’s shoegazing party! :+1:
Hope you enjoy!!


We listened to Thick as a brick and Aqualung a lot while in secondary school.


It could be worse. Mine was Showaddywaddy back in the mid 70’s.


Me too! Although I was probably the only one for miles. Always fun to return to these albums now and again…


The first live “concert” I went to under duress was at the Hoddesdon Assembly rooms mid sixties, how about that for a memorable venue, to see Johhny Kidd and the Pirates, the highlight of the evening being his finale when he drew the sword and threw it spear like into the stage, can’t see elf and safety allowing that today.
Was he any good ? don’t remember , I was in the bar all night so probably not !


I’m sure Ritchie Blackmore played for them for a short time. Can’t decide whether or not that’s him on the right.


No, scratch that, I’m mixing them up with Screaming Lord Sutch. That’s a D- for my 60s rock trivia.


According to the other half, Wilco Johnson based his guitar style on Johnny’s guitarist…


As far as I remember those hazy days, it was the Strawbs with Dave Cousins and the brilliant Rick Wakeman, around about 1970. Great evening rather spoilt by being attacked by a gang of skinheads on the way home - all part of the era I suppose.


Don’t know if the one on the right is Ritchie Blackmore but the one on the left looks suspiciously like Luka Modric !!!


My first gig, was when I was 17 at Colchester institute. Never heard of the band before but when they played their new single the crowd exploded. That week “much too young” by The Specials AKA went straight to number one.


No need to feel guilty about Bon Jovi!


The Who at Blackpool Opera House circa 1970. Can’t remember whether it was just before or after Live at Leeds…
Curtains open and Summertime Blues filled the auditorium .