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First live concert



In my top 10 albums … which would be another thread altogether!


One of my first gigs was the Inspiral Carpets at Alexandra Palace, in the days when Noel Gallagher was just the roadie.

@Bargainbob I was a student in the early nineties and also saw Carter USM at De Montfort Hall. Many other Indie favourites touring university towns including early days of Blur, Wonder Stuff, PWEI, James, etc.


Great thread … struggling to remember my first live show but it might have been the J Geils Band back in the mid '70’s …

how about a bookend topic … most recent live gig? Mine was the frankly marvellous Half Man Half Biscuit at the Kentish Town Forum.

And has anyone found a venue with a decent red wine on offer?


I’ll have to tell my other half that- he’ll eat his poor heart out! He LOVES them!


Why not??!

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Elton John’s A Single Man tour, Preston Guildhall, 23 March 1979. Just him and Ray Cooper on stage, so a bit of a tour de force. Not his best album for me but happily he played other stuff too and I was excited to be at my first gig!


Saw J Geils Band supporting the Rolling Stones in Basel in 1982 - the support act was superior in every way to the Stones, who were appalling - it was like they didn’t give a …


If we’re ignoring the Venga Boys tribute band I saw when I was 8 then my first live concert was Newton Faulkener at the Cambridge Corn Exchange back in 2009🎤



I love Rush.

They’ve always been there for me. Even if I go off and listen to other bands for ages on end, they’re still there, patiently waiting for me to crank Permanent Waves up to 11.

First gig?

Hmmm. Either Wishbone Ash in Fareham or Dream Theater in Ronnie Scott’s (won the tickets in a competition in Raw Magazine - remember Raw? :sunglasses:)

Can’t remember which came first.


A man of excellent taste, obviously :slight_smile: It was a brilliant show, despite the Forum’s drinks offering revolving around quart buckets of indifferent lager …


Newton Faulkner’s solo rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was awesome.


Capitol Theatre, Cardiff. December 1965. The Beatles!!
A school friend cleaned a Jaguar car every Sunday morning and some of us would join him. The man whose car it was part-owned the Capitol and offered our friend Robert the opportunity to take some of his friends to see the Beatles. There were about 30 of us in the coach and the tickets were I think second row from the front. The noise of the girls screaming will always live with me, it really was a monumental wall of noise. The touts outside were beside themselves to get our tickets, that was not going to happen!
The Beatles were all we hoped that they would be, the level of excitement off the wall and utterly unforgettable. Like all kids, we had absolutely no idea quite how fortunate we were.
Memories like that, you cannot buy. We were so very lucky to have a friend who cleaned a Jag on a Sunday morning!!


Eric Clapton, ‘supported’ by Muddy Waters, at the Manchester Apollo, in 1979. I was fourteen; not a bad start!


could @Ewan @catherine and @martin_brown help @M1tch get to his first live concert? Please…? We would oh so want him to go to one :weary:


Gong + Isotope, Bristol Colston Hall, September 1974.
Flying teapot infused Anglo-French prog. With a laser!


@catherine, I loved him and tried to get tickets but failed miserably…:sob:


@JReed don’t be embarrassed - my wife thinks that this is wonderful. She has seen Cliff on a few occasions and she says that he was always superb. However, her favourite artist is Donny Osmond (has been since the early 1970’s). I have had to put up with Donny for as long as I can remember…the only thing I would add is that through my work contacts I was able to get my wife meet Donny plus all his brothers before a concert a few years back and I can only say what a nice guy he was.


@Inbar thank you for reminding me about Lush. I haven’t listened to them in years but have searched them on Tidal and been listening to the Gala album this evening