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First case



I was wondering about an introduction vs suggestions thread, and it seemed that it would be easiest to combine the two, and that this would be the best place to post…so here goes.

Long term oenophile, medium term lurker and brand new member putting together a first case. I am not an expert, but i suppose i am not a novice either. I probably taste between 300-500 wines a year; mostly at tastings, but i also buy regularly. I am an open minded hobbyist who has sought out enough niche regions and varietals to know that is not the sure fire way to come across something noteworthy, but in general i prioritise experience of hedonism.

I have enjoyed every style of wine, but to begin with i am looking for a mixture of curios and ws exemplars to familiarise my self with the range and what the site does well. I have memberships elsewhere, and a very good relationship with two local Indies who both excel at more esoteric options, but the range here dwarfs what others can match.

In terms of a ball park price, i am looking at £10-15 midweek, £20-25 weekend, and £50ish for a special treat wine although i could be tempted to stretch for a world beater. Of course if there is a less expensive super star i am more than happy to experiment. I have a modest storage unit, but most of my wine is stashed with a view to drinking within 6 months.

For my case i am looking for a mix. I have a few in my case, and a few i searched for and didn’t shortlist. I am probably getting more towards sub £20 options to begin with, but i am open minded. Any grape, any country, any style. What would you recommend?


That’s a heck of a broad brush question. Any clues as to preferred grapes, styles, regions?


South Africa possibly the star of the moment.
White choice is easy either or


Red too much choice. The 2015 vintage being feted so how about this one (still a tad young)

And a community favourite

Personal favourite white

Any of the Society’s many sherries.


As i said i enjoy every style. I guess to break it down i want to get a feel for what the ws does particularly well at that price point…or perhaps a tip for an oddity that is worthy of a punt. I suppose i am hoping to get a feel of the strengths and the platform for under £250.

I initially looked for torrontes as the OH is a big fan, but i know the offering here has mixed reviews. For white i am a particular fan of aromatics and/or barrel fermentation and oak. Before i joined I looked for petit syrah and noticed they are all pitched as more day drinking offerings than perhaps i would have expected. I am as big fan of South American petit verdot when done well…But also of maule old vine carignan or several bordeaux style blends around £20-30 (often with a dash of cab franc). That said i have really enjoyed lighter mencia, and i am not just about heavy hitters.

In essence i am looking for oddities that stand on their own feet, or a twist on a classic region or varietal, or something just done exceptionally well at the price point.


Cheers for that, the greek one is now in the basket; at that price it is a no brainer, and i imagine it will provide exactly the sort of entertainment i am after.

I am am in a bit of a sa phase act the moment, and i am very open to a bit of chenin…although a bordeaux style blend with petit verdot is right up my street. Thanks for the suggestions.


Not tried the Anwika, but I’d second all of @Kent_wino’s other suggestions.

Loads more (but not all of) TWS cracking SA wines here in a current offer:

A few other tasty wines I’ve enjoyed from TWS (and really shouldn’t be telling anyone else about)

Same producer as the Greek wine recommended above


I would highly recommend the greek wines of Thymiopoulos, both the rapsani and young vines. Probably my favourite “discovery” of the society so far.


Me too Dale. Have just put some Jasper cab franc in my reserves along with another case of the Cartology.

I’d second all @Brocklehurstj suggestions but the Lugana is a standout.