Finland and Baltic States travel

So I’m starting to plan 3 weeks camper vanning in Finland from mid September. The final week should be a whistle-stop tour of the Baltic States capitals. I’ve done the Google maps routes and timings and it seems doable. Whilst there is actually one commercial (grape) vineyard and winery in Finland - the world’s second most northerly; winery and vineyard visits are not really on the agenda !

My question is - at this stage looking at a fairly blank canvas - is there anyone out there able to offer travel tips and must-visits ?


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I’ll get back to you once my wife finishes giving birth


True commitment to the community!

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Have you got your own gas and air supply …??

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I’m guessing St Petersburg isn’t on your list?

I wish. In fact we had contemplated attempting this trip just before the Invasion and then there was a tourist train from Helsinki which didn’t require passengers to have a visa but that sadly, but understandably, has been abandoned and the rolling stock sold off, it was mainly to prevent Russians from using the route to “escape”.

So currently there is no tourist route to St Petersburg…

Got a daughter. I would have recommended the cruise to St Petersburg. You get a group visa in that one too.


Many congratulations!

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Massive congratulations, @Joni-B73F0! :tada: Hope your wife is well.

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I find it soothing to browse the forum during the epidureal and such :rofl:

Thanks all. Everyone doing well. Much easier than last time when it was a ~30 hour labour.


You had an epidural too? That’s showing admirable solidarity with Mrs Joni.


Congratulations :champagne::champagne::champagne:

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Looking forward to the which wine to celebrate a daughter thread. :smile:

And the choice of birth year wines too :grinning:….congratulations to you all.


Shelling peas as the saying goes

That’s easy. Bordeaux EP. No matter the year, it will be “Vintage of the Century”.


Although as his thread has now been thoroughly hijacked (inadvertently) by the joyous news, perhaps @PHarvey should have some input, in which event it might be something from a cellar door in Latvia, in keeping with the topic.

Joyous news indeed and I am honoured to have created the thread plinth on which it has been enabled to have its lustre burnished and admired.

And joking aside in fact there was a time when the Sabile vineyard in Latvia was the northmost commercial grape wine vineyard in the world Sabile Wine Hill - Visit Talsi , though now there are several more northern ones; in Sweden, Finland and now Norway has the northernmost champion. But I am uninterested in these really, it was just insight into more mainstream travel tips I was seeking…

But yeah congratulations @Joni-B73F0



Things I like in Finland:

  • Ahvenanmaa archipiélago
  • Turku
  • Porvoo
  • Saimaa lake, and the large lakes in general

To be fair, I’d cross from Sweden to Turku and then reach through the bottom quarter of the country the lakes in the East. I don’t have a camper, but it sounds like a good way to explore those more secluded locations. What time of year?

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