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Fine wines of Italy - A new offer

An email recently about the Italian offer now live - some interesting grape varieties, especially from Sicily.

This looked very tempting…


That’s the one that’s hovering in my basket at the moment too.


I purchased it over the summer from an Italian based site, I really enjoyed the red and they do a similarly branded white which I thought was rather tasty as well.

The red was a little more full throttle than i’m used to - normally a Pinot and Nebbiolo drinker but had a very appealing precision to it, dark fruits and a great nose


Which site was that, I also purchased from a site called italvinus. and paid in Euros. This is what I purchased:
1 Cos Frappato 2018 14.79 GBP
1 Terenzi Morellino Riserva Madrechiesa 2015 22.70 GBP
1 La Rifra Lugana Libiam 2018 7.87 GBP
1 Cos Zibibbo in Pithos 2017 21.78 GBP
1 Frescobaldi Tenuta Perano Chianti Class… 12.55 GBP
1 Zaccagnini Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Tral… 6.61 GBP
1 Angiuli Primitivo Maccone 2018 12.16 GBP
1 Cos Ramì 2018 15.57 GBP

                                  Delivery          16.01 GBP

                                                     130.04 GBP
                                       TOTAL:        148.64 EUR *
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I’m also pretty tempted by

As well made Verdecchio is something I am a big fan of. Lugana is great and I’m also a big fan of Sardinian and Legurian examples.


It was Vinisimus - who bought italvinus over the summer, looking at the invoice, I paid £16.60 for the Planeta and about £1 a bottle delivery.

I confess to not knowing enough about Italian wines (beyond the usual widely available suspects: Chianti, Barolo et al). The Alto Adige’s in particular are tempting.

So can the wise folk of the community suggest some interesting & ‘road less travelled’ wines from this offer ? both red and white, totalling around £100 for 6 should be more than ample.

Just NO Barolo, Chianti, Soave or Dolcetto please (it’s not that I don’t like them - it’s just I already know them)


Would be my choice

Edit: And when I say my choice, also my current shopping basket! It comes to £90.30.


It’s a lovely wine. I’ve had the last 3 vintages (possibly 4, I’m feeling too lazy to check) and enjoyed each one very much. Their rosé and next level (Brolettino) also worth checking out.

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What @strawpig said :smile:

Edit: my only addition would be this:


I was going to add that! The request was for six and I really didn’t want to take any of the others out.

If I order this lot, I’ll be adding a bottle of that too. It’s very tempting to cancel my still undelivered curiosity case and replace it with these.


Apparently the curiosity case will be delivered on 2/12 or at least that’s what Member Services said of mine.

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Whereas I’d go with the posh Orvieto


Last time I asked all I got was “by the end of November” so well done on getting a date!

My apologies! Didn’t read the brief, clearly :grimacing:


I say we add it in! We still hit the criteria for cost, and I’ve never been a fan of being forced into multiples of 6 when I’ve wanted other numbers!


Fortunately I’m not that good at counting.

That’s me sorted. All of Mr Strawpig’s choice - with the Aglianico subbed out (I already know and enjoy that one) and the Hofstatter Pinot Blanco subbed in. Plus the posh Orvieto because I’m intrigued to see what high end Orvieto is like.

Happy Monday! Many thanks for the suggestions.


Ahhh, if only life was always this easy… :relieved:

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Anyone tried this…

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Love that wine, it has been a regular order of mine and tempted to buy a case as a filler for reserves. I like the acidity of Barbera but find it often can be on the lean side, this one has a bit more fruit than many and 2018 should be a favourable year.