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Fine Wine Inbetweeners


For those that haven’t seen the latest release from TWS see link to small stock fine wines from NZ, Rhone, Champagne and Oz.


thanks, I saw the Gripa mixed case yesterday, but didn’t know it was part of a wider offer.


And this morning we have a rehash of 86 wines that to my untutored eye are already on the Society’s lists.
I found nothing new and were a waste of 30 minutes of my life.
Marketing ploys like this really get up my nose (sorry! lol), they only create a negative impression.
Good marketing I absolutely understand, a selection of what already is available mystifies me. I imagine TWS response will probably be that this offer is meant to highlight wine that members have not found or are too time poor to truffle out, I say that do you really want your wine spoon-fed to you or would you prefer the absolute delight of self discovery!!
They do say that they will be adding new wines as these 86 sell out.
I do wish that there was a mechanism that flagged these new wines up, the moment that they went on line??