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Fine Wine Inbetweeners offer



Have to say that I am not really familiar with some of the alternatives that you suggest. Can you suggest a few examples, as I am always game for something new? I have never had a problem with any Huet wines, over the years, even in the lesser vintages, so I am probably a bit (very) biased. It’s one of my guilty pleasures in life, so could be worse.


Love a nice aged Vouvray - one of the worlds best wines.

But I think I’ll buy the aged stuff, as I can’t bring myself to drink a young Huet and I’m at an age where waiting 30 years isn’t really on.


Have just checked again, and there’s a 1990 that I’m sure wasn’t there earlier. Oh well, in for a penny…….


I might just pickup the Lebanon 3 bottle case as they are all Lebanon wines I’ve been meaning to try but haven’t got around to and if they’re running out I guess I need to get a move on.


27 cases left Mike…


Order placed! :clinking_glasses:


Don’t think TWS has any examples of any at the moment - maybe Galicia? I don’t seem.to buy much of my wine from TWS anymore. Guess I’ll be drinking a lot less after brexit :frowning:


You could do worse than giving either of these a try:

Not had these specific wines, but we visited Galicia in the summer and had to seek out local alternatives to Albariño to avoid fatigue. If you like the style then the barrel aged single varietals and blends of Galician grapes were well worth experimenting with.


Thanks, much appreciated. I will give them a try.


Haven’t tried these two, though Valdesil standard godello (and Mencía) good. Generally I prefer Valdeorras godello to its Bierzo counterpart - they may be only 40km apart but climate is completely different!

Personally I’d be worried about the oak on both these wines, and at this price I wouldn’t be risking it.

Ribeiro worth a try too. Nearer the sea and normally a blend, mostly treixadura with some godello and other grapes.


TWS used to stock the Louro do Bolo godello from Rafa Palacios which I like but they haven’t had any post 2016 vintage (I think). Would agree with @suiko re potential overworked examples.


Yeah, you’ve got to enjoy the style. Due to luggage restrictions I only came back with one bottle:

Definitely barrel-aged, but it was tasted at the end of a wine festival in Salvaterra de Mino - so jaded palates may have affected our thinking after about 15 Albariños.


Didn’t you try the local reds? Really interesting stuff going on with reds throughout Galicia, and rias baixas no exception. Caino tinto in particular.

I love Albariño. But 15 does sound a lot. Hope you at least tried the very best (Zárate).


Yes, we had lots of reds too, that was just the last day and no reds on show.

Unfortunately with 4 kids in tow between us all, winery trips were limited and we were right on the Portuguese border - not a lot of reds to be found locally so they were purchased through Vinissimus or local retail.

We didn’t try the Zarate, but I’ve got a bottle of the 2015 vintage of the wine below in the cabinet.


I think it’s the same producer, but it was strongly recommended by a local independent wine merchant and I’ve got no idea whether it’s as good as he said it was and if it needs any more age / I need to open immediately!


Funny, I bought that one last month from Vinissimus. I think it needs a year or two at least, maybe five is optimum? I reckon the 2015 should be ready to go. Eulogio Pomares is the guy behind Zárate, yes - these wines are his own project, though, as I think Zárate is an Albariño specialist?


Thanks. I’ll post once open


Zarate now available on TWS website (presumably as part pf Christmas Fine Wine List)

Not seeing an awful lot that I’m rushing to buy of the new additions. Luis Pato possibly, but suspect this needs a bit more time


The Musar case looks like a must, to me anyway.


Down from 60 cases to 47 in the last two days so probably still a little time to decide but maybe not a whole lot!


I cannot find these cases anywhere, am I being stupid or have they all sold out?