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Fine Wine Inbetweeners Offer [May 2019]


Just received email for this offer:

Which included a link to this vertical mixed case offer:

Does anyone feel, like me, that some little more detail would be nice, in particular, what vintages are in the case?

As TWS appears to have '08, '11 and '12 of Château Vignelaure in stock I’m guessing it’s those but…

And if it is it makes the mixed case ‘offer’ of 6 (presumably 2 of each) at £105 just £1 cheaper than just buying the bottles!


Agree - that looks like a bug to me. Will investigate right now, thanks for raising.


Only 45 bottles of this Pinot Blanc up for grabs…


Working on getting the info up to date but just to confirm it is indeed 2 bottles of each of these vintages in one case :slight_smile:


… and it shows out of stock now. That was quick.


My email might have been late!


How does this compare to something from a similar region, such as Peyrassol, for example?


Out of stock already


It was out of stock by the time my email came through too :roll_eyes:


Look at those Magnums of Rioja! It’s like wine porn! I’d love to try the 890 La Rioja Alta. If the 904 is anything to go by it must be out of this world!


I bought a Vignelaure mixed case in 2013, when it was £89. The wines were decent but not good enough to persuade me to buy again.


In my experience the 850 isn’t really worth it, given the (considerable) price differential ré the 904.