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Fine wine definition

And I would say we covered most of the F&R bases. The only that seemed new was along the lines of “because people who know about this sort of thing all agree”.

Good link, thanks

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What about Condrieu?


I’ve only drunk Condrieu a couple of times and I’m sure it qualifies in my fine wine stakes. Good call. I must buy some.

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BTW just chatting to Mr Fine Wine at TWS (sorry didn’t note his name) and he says TWS defines fine wine by price which varies from region to region.

So my favourite - Burgundy - wine has to be over £30/bottle to be considered “fine”. A French country wine would only need to sell at £9/bottle for the same accolade.

Have to say I’m not over impressed with this definition and I do think TWS could at least put its view of what the entry level is for each region in the Fine Wine flyer.

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I looked up the definition of fine

  1. of very high quality; very good of its kind.

2 very thin or narrow.
Some of the wine in pubs is referred to as fine and the quality can be a bit thin .
I sometimes stay in a house that has a corridor by the name of Quality Street. The rooms are nice but normal . However the house was the residence of George Cadbury. Though Quality street made by Mackintosh But the house is now part of Woodbrooke a Quaker centre in Birmingham

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