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Fine Wine and Dining Experience

The latest newsletter guided me to this offer, which I’m quite interested in, but not sure how it would work.


Would be grateful if anyone who’s done one of these already could let me know how it goes

  • What do you do - just open a laptop with a zoom call and keep it open on the table while you eat?
  • Does it work with more than a couple of people at your dining table, or is it really a one-person-job?

Not done it, and it doesn’t appeal to me. But look at the amount of wine. Seems a lot for one person. More the better I’d say. After all, it’s totally free.

All you have to do is buy the food - £90 for two without the cheese- plus £10 delivery.

Then you have to cook and serve it.

And buy the wine, that’s another £83 worth (if you go for a half-bottle of fizz).

Just enough change from £200 to get a Deliveroo with something to eat afterwards :slight_smile:

While I’ve not done in with the Wine Society pairings. I have had the Simon Rogan at Home food box. My thoughts on it are here (and a few posts either side of it too).

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My children bought my wife and I a Tommy Banks at home meal for my birthday during lockdown. It was very nice (my wife is an excellent cook and coped with the presentation suggestions perfectly) and very well packaged etc. Very nice with my own wine suggestions. would I buy one myself. NO, my wife’s usual creations are very close to TB’s box of goodies.


I think this sums up my experience with them pretty well.

They’re nice, and make great gifts. I’ve had five now, but I’ve only bought myself one (a panic bought Berry Brothers and Rudd Christmas dinner, when Boris cancelled Christmas 2020 at very short notice). I have a voucher from Christmas for a Tommy Banks one too, so that’ll be my next adventure.

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It is fantastic. Furthermore, Simon Rogan is presenting in person this time. The food can take a little more work to prepare than some other cook at home options but it is well worth it. You can easily prepare the dishes for more than 2 if you want.

Rather late to this due to work/domestic chaos. Others have commented about the contents of the food boxes, amount of cooking cost etc.
In answer to the OP’s original question… We did the Greek Street dinner, which may have been the first in this series. The box arrived and you did the starter before the start of the Zoom meeting. Anna actually sent out out quite a detailed email before the event about how it would run, timings etc. We sat at the table with the zoom meeting open while we ate/cooked. Was fine for more than one and, looking at the camera shots, lots of members were eating as a group.
On the plus side it was interesting to hear the chefs talk about the food and you possibly got to hear more from TWS (Anna) about how the wine was intended to match with the food and how it actually did than you would in a pre-Covid in person TWS dinner.
On the negative side I found (as the cook) that I missed most of the chat so lost the interactive element.
As we live in a northern and fairly isolated spot on balance it’s a good alternative for me and I’m likely to sign up for more.