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Finding the How-To guides

I have recently found this difficult. For me the obvious route was to go to the burger menu to find the Help option. “Help” did not exist on the menu, so I tried “FAQ”. That lead me, not to a FAQ, but a document “About the Society’s Comunity”. In section 3 of that, there was a link to the how-to guides, but it no longer works. The only route to find them seems to be Burger | Categories (12 more) | Scroll down | How to guides.

I note that a redesign is is the offing, but before then I think it should be made a lot easier to find help on the forum, ideally through “Help” on the burger menu.

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Sorry Steve but could you tell me what the burger menu is? Is it the three horizontal bars?



Must admit I learned the term recently from someone much younger than me, but I think it is nicely descriptive, and believe it now common usage

If you just go to the 1st webpage, and click on the list of categories, the How to are in the list. At least they are called something obvious., unlike some of the others.

Yes, on a proper computer screen you can see it in “All categories”, but on a smart phone you have to go via the burger.

However, I would argue that someone not familiar with the software would not think to look under categories at all. I have been around here quite a while now, and knew the how-to guides were somewhere, but it took me 10 mins or so to find them.

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