Finding an Albariño that can impress

Oh, that is controversial… have you tried any Soalheiro wines? Then again that is with a ‘v’ rather than a ‘b’…


Have you tried this one @Nowt_in_my_glass ?

@Alchemist and @szaki1974 thank you for your recommendations…i would usually snaffle pretty much any wine suggested by members but I’ve tried literally 10+ albarinos this quarter and everyone tasted like water. I’d rather try rioja blanco or seek out new italian whites :grin:

I think i just have an insensitive palate! Too much black coffee and scotch!

I really recommend this wine for something special, if you are prepared to cross the border,but looks like you may need to wait for the next vintage.

A fantastic wine

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Last year, I went to an albarino tasting organised by the trade board for Rias Baixas… A couple of hours spent tasting 40+ albarinos was ever so slightly wearing… I will try to dig out my notes as I think there were one or two that stood out, notably an aged one that had taken on parmesan rind and over-ripe lychee notes (if you’ve ever seen street carts piled with lychees in Asia or Central America, you’ll know what I mean)… I don’t think I’ve drunk an albarino since, though…

Thank you @robert_mcintosh from the cab sav thread being derailed! It’s too delicious to be distracted from.

I think the same board were at the wine gang where i tried them. They seemed confused with me.

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I second @robert_mcintosh suggestion! A great wine and is available from others too if you really want to get your hands on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No worries. When you say something like " I don’t get grape X" it can be like a red rag to a bull to wine fans, so I expected the conversation to get animated


It is a good area to explore though. I would have to agree that I used to love pretty much any Albariño I came across about 10 years ago, since they were rarer. Since they became popular, a lot of copycat wines have appeared with less impressive qualities.

However, there are some lovely wines out there that deserve praise, and Anselmo Mendes is definitely a great name to start with

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Oh they were beautiful polite about it and wanted to help me but i don’t think they understood what i was saying about i couldn’t taste anything. Maybe it’s like the broccoli genetic thing…some peoplejust taste certain things and some can’t? :thinking:

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I think it’s weather related - maybe its just too cold in the UK to enjoy this grape?