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Filming in Winchester


What should I see when walking through the park in Winchester earlier?

Is that the chap from the BBC’s latest iteration of Food and Drink? I seem to remember 5’s The Wine Show was pretty divisive here in the Community, I wonder if people feel the same way about Food and Drink?


Looks Danny Ings to me. A footballer who has just joined the Saints from Liverpool.


The chap with the beard that is!


That’s the one in the middle with maroon shirt. Maybe the larger person on the left has a beard too - I couldn’t decide at first glance if it was a man or a woman!


I thought Southampton were Liverpool’s feeder club, not the other way round :wink:


Don’t be ridiculous Southampton have been supplying Spurs for years :relieved:


The chap on the left (loud shirt) ran a tasting for us at a food festival last month and does do a lot of TV work. He was nice, the wines were not…


Good point! He is a good player. Got badly injured shortly after joining Liverpooland couldn’t really get back in the team. Hope he does well for the Saints, though not against the ‘Pool :wink:


The ‘chap’ leading the tasting is the very lovely Joe Wadsack - very funny, very knowledgable, and a great presenter. I enjoyed his Food & Drink time, though I gather it wasn’t that easy!



My good buddy Joe Wadsack - all those things Robert says. Highly entertaining.


Please dont tell him I could tell if he was a man or a woman :face_with_hand_over_mouth::pray:t2: I blame the quality of the photo…


He definitely has a beard …


Bizarrely, walking through a different park outside the cathedral today:

I promise I’m not Joe Wadsack’s stalker, though I can see it might seem that way stopping to take photos of him twice (using a child in a buggy as cover).


Just seen this take on facebook:


Was Joe a boy chorister at Winchester then?

(My recommendation is to try Pi for pizza next time!)


Not sure about chorister (I’ve heard him sing, but it was late!!)

I do believe he was at Winchester College (according to his bio) though

Actually, he has a rather amazing background, but I’ll let him tell you the story some day - he does it rather well


Ah right - I thought he was referring to the Pilgrims School (which is the choir school), and is in the cloisters. Maybe he meant the filming was there.

I like Joe’s presentation style so would enjoy meeting him I’m sure!