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Festive Fizz and Sparkling wine



Hallowe’en is but a distant memory now, and with talk on the community of booze advent calendars and a Christmas wine thread, I felt it wasn’t too early to start one specifically for Fizz.
I’m also looking for some inspiration and suggestions from a selfish point of view :joy:!
I attend a monthly “kind of tutored” blind tasting group where a “theme” is agreed on and we all bring a bottle to taste, talk about , break it down, sometimes argue and then the fun bit, having a wild guess about what it could possibly be. Our next one is Nov 27th and its Fizz.
I have some staples at home but I’m thinking about something a bit different, not sure yet what, maybe a red sparkling . Ive tried this which was more like a cocktail but I still enjoyed it

I also have a grand cru Rose from Verzy ,a Clairette de die, some Tokaj doux, TWS

But I need some suggestions, so hit me with your favourite festive Fizz :smiley:


I really like this one :champagne: I don’t think it’s as fruity as necessarily described; definitely not in the same fruity realms as Prosecco but enough that it is fresh and light :relaxed:


What make is this if I may ask?


This reminds me, I really enjoyed their Ancestrale… Rather delicious, sweet style and guilt free at 6.5% alcohol


I think it may have come from Lidl. Its from Keurus winery.


Thanks @Catherine , Ive got a couple of bottles of Limoux cremant which I really like so I’ll maybe ordr a couple for my own use anyway .Good to have stuff like this in when the friends come round.


Has anyone tried the Limney estate from Davenport winerys??, I’ve had their Horsmonden dry which I really like so was wondering what this was like.


Quite agree, its really great. A useful canapé and general quaffing wine…and sensible alcohol.


Something a bit different? Try the WS Lambrusco - it is always a show-stopper, not the least because everyone’s memory of the commercial style 30 years ago. This is nothing like that. Great fun, lovely with pizza slices, salami etc.


@wineyg I do in fact have some in the garage, good call :muscle:


I keep meaning to try that! In a similar vein on my last WSET 2 revision session we had this to celebrate;

if you’re looking for a bit of a mid-morning sparkler it hits the spot! Peachy :peach: and delicately sweet but not cloying.


Muga Condo de Haro which the WS supply. More than your usual Cava in £ but so much more in style.


@DrEm oooh sounds promising


@wineyg @catherine… oops I did have some :scream:


Ideal breakfast wine then :+1::wink:


You’re obsessed with wine when … you don’t know what you’ve got hidden away. :wink:



Cremants are in danger of becoming “cool” but there are very few that don’t dance a jig over the quality of most prosecco/cava - and make for a very good second bottle if your budget can only stretch to one decent champagne.


Ooh, yes, THIS is wonderful. So light, the sweetness so well balanced, lovely to have on its own or with light puddings.:heart_eyes:

My go-to festive fizz is Nyetimber:

It’s just such a treat of a sparkler, it really suits the sense of occasion. Bags of flavour, and a real moment of pride for me when it comes to English wine successes.


@laura I was looking at this last night Laura, definitely need to try it.


Worth a try, what’s the abv like?