Felton Road 2018

Thanks for sharing. Interested to read as I have a bottle of the A1 (2016) tucked away somewhere. Think it was on a deal from Vivino.

Please let us know how you get on with the rest of the case.

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Only got 5 left so suspect it will be a while before I open the next one.

Probably open one a year. That’s the plan anyway!!

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There are two different Felton Road magnum packs available - under Product Codes MX2040 and MX2041 - but neither currently discloses what the 3 magnums are. I am aware that Felton Road sell magnums in two different 3 magnum packs: (a) Block 5, Calvert and Bannockburn; and (b) Block 3, Cornish Point and Bannockburn. Can anyone from the Society explain which out of MX2040 and MX 2041 is which (or even better add the contents to the listing)?


Maybe something @martin_brown can answer??

Hello! Good shout @Leah, although Martin’s not here today, so I’ll answer for him. :smiley:

Firstly, sorry about that @CraigU_NZ! It absolutely should have included details of which magnums they were. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.

Both of these cases have been updated with details now, however they probably won’t go live until the website refreshes late this afternoon unfortunately. So, in the meantime, here’s the details:

MX2040 Felton Road Pinor Noir 2018 Magnum Collection
A three-bottle pre-mixed case containing one magnum of each of the following:

Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2018
Felton Road Calvert Pinot Noir 2018
Felton Road Block 5 Pinot Noir 2018

MX2041 Felton Road Pinot Noir 2018 Magnum Selection (Revised Selection)
A three-bottle pre-mixed case containing one magnum of each of the following:

Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2018
Felton Road Cornish Point Pinot Noir 2018
Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir 2018

Hope this helps? It’s been great to see all the love for Felton Road here - I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with them before and now I feel like I’ve been missing out … :eyes:


Thanks Laura, much appreciated. As a kiwi I may be a tiny little bit biased, but I think Felton Road pinots are amazing! I think in NZ they are widely regarded, along with Ata Rangi, as the top pinot producer in the country.


Heads up… (just when you thought your wine budget allocation couldn’t get and harder…).

Felton Road pinots have just been released onto the website.

Comments on various threads suggest these are worth considering (as a treat, for me, given the price).

Anybody able to persuade (or dissuade) me on a purchase?


Strong persuasion vibes heading your way, with a gentle reminder of this comment:


Mental note.
Order wine - then post on Community… selling out fast.
(Only Bannockburn left).

Oh well, plenty more wines…


Rookie mistake!

In all seriousness though, am I the only one that doesnt quite get these wines? Not tried too many but dont think I’ve ever been fully convinced by NZ pinot. Would love suggestions on other producers I should try if anyone has any.


I’ve been dissuaded by not moving fast enough - Nearly all sold out. Probably A Good Thing in reality… :roll_eyes:


It was flagged on the NZ thread over the last few days, but the real killer blow was dealt by the emails sent to the membership today.


At least you got an email … :hear_no_evil:

Not in the first round if that’s any consolation…

I got 3 of the bannockburn thanks to the flagging on here… still no email though :joy:

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Likewise (i just went for one though) but no sniff of an email! I should check out the Community more often. Also got the heads up on the 2016 Produttori the same way


Probably not a helpful comment now that they’ve mostly gone, but these are some of my favourite PNs and I’d recommend them in future.

Generally best after a few years cellaring (we had the 2015 Cornish Point at Christmas) they retain some fruit and are an altogether more complex and (for want of a better word) rich wine to many NZ PNs. I like those too - but some of the ones around £18-20 feel slightly overpriced for what they are. These feel slightly underpriced. They’re one of maybe seven or eight truly great producers in NZ.


It’s probably been covered above, but I’ll take the bait… care to share your thoughts on the 7 ‘others’?

I get to about 4 before I start to flounder (not for contenders, but obvious ‘top tier’ producers).

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maybe this list helps:

Fair one - I suppose I’d agree with about four other really top ones for their whole range of wines but then I’ve had individual wines from lower ranked producers that I felt were up there.

The top few for me would be Ata Rangi, Pegasus, and Felton for PN (though I’ve heard great things about Bell and some of the others in @ruifilipe’s excellent list). Mt Difficulty I didn’t get on with but that might be a taste thing, I’m going to try more in the future. Peregrine and Rippon I really enjoyed, though not recently.

How does my list compare with yours?!