Felton Road 2018

For those who may be interested, a bunch of Felton Road’s 2018s is now up on the site including mixed cases and magnums. I haven’t seen a specific offer/mailing about them, but if you search for ‘Felton’, or just sort New Zealand wines by price…


Thanks for the heads up. As in previous years, the mixed case is extremely tempting.

Best I make a quick decision as it always sells out.

Note to self, it’s EP season and you can’t have everything !


Yes, this is really tempting, but I’m really skint, and as you say there are lots of EP offers coming through… :frowning:


Thé Pinot noir Blocks are already out of stock

Wow, that didn’t take long…takes the temptation away though…:laughing:


Did anyone get an email about this or was it just luck of the draw of happening to check the website at the right time? The Block wines appear to have sold out in hours!

I received an email a few hours after I noticed this thread

Was there a mixed case as Comtes86 above suggests? (Because there does not appear to be one now - has it sold out too?)

Having bought these wines regularly in the past, I am feeling quite aggrieved at not having received the email…

There was a mixed case 3 whites/3 reds and a mixed magnum case

The two mixed cases still seem to be available…

I can see the Magnum case but I can’t see the ordinary bottle mixed case (I’m searching for “Felton”)

Its this one, mixed Pinot & Chard -

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I think this is it?

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Thank you both.

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I only just the email for this! Such a shame. The block pinots were sold out anyway after the notification on here, but what sort of fighting chance do you have a week after?!

In the mixed cases

Thanks for raising @ruifilipe…shame it’s so much more for a case, i was only after a bottle

The retail price of the two block pinot noir bottles accounts for almost half of the case price…

Very true, it’s still 56 vs 250 as an absolute cost. Hopefully next time.

If you missed the boat on this and fancy some really good quality NZ pinot noir at a similar price then I can highly recommend the Akitu A1.

I recently opened my first bottle of the 2016 from the case I bought and it was one of the best bottles of pinot noir I have had in a long time.

A bit more about it here.

Unfortunately not stocked by TWS but you can track it down elsewhere.