Fefiñanes Albariño Price Hike

I know the WS has done some good work keeping prices down in times when that is less than easy.

But does anyone know why the new vintage of Fefiñanes Albariño has gone up to £22?! I was buying this for £16 a bottle in 2021 and Waitrose are currently selling it (admittedly on a 25% off when you buy 6 offer) for 14.99.

It’s decent stuff but it isn’t worth 22 quid. I wonder if anyone knew why this wine specifically had skyrocketed in price so much…

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Some discussion here

But no real answer!

And welcome to the Community, btw!

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I bought it from Decantalo in Barcelona before the latest price hike, when Decantalo were offering free delivery to UK for orders over 200 Euros.

Price has gone up a fair bit there too though. I got the 2020 at £16 a bottle from them. It’s still £2 cheaper than TWS now though for the 2021.

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