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Feeling quizzical? Wine quiz!


Caveat: the quiz was written for people working in the wine trade, so it’s not easy!

  1. • Chateaux Lafite, Mouton-Rothschild and Latour are all based in which appellation: St Estephe, St Julien, Margaux or Pauillac?
  2. • Anselme Selosse is a producer famous for wines made in which region?
  3. • In which US state would you find the Horse Heaven Hills AVA?
  4. • What is a Burgundian 228l barrel known as?
  5. • The appellation of Utiel-Requena is best-known for which grape?
  6. • A Clavelin is a bottle famously used for which long-lived wine?
  7. • Acacia and Awash are major wine brands based in which country?
  8. • Name an “Ozgundian” producer.
  9. • Which wine, much-loved by Ancient Romans, shares its Latin name with a Caribbean cocktail ingredient?
  10. • Premier je suis. Second je fus. *** ne change. (“First I am. Second I was. *** does not change”) is the motto of which wine (where *** replaces the name of the wine)?
  11. • Which grape’s name includes the names of two cities located in Arabic-speaking countries?


1. Pauillac
2. Champagne – he’s the figurehead of the grower champagne movement.
3. Washington – it’s part of the Columbia Valley AVA.
4. A pièce
5. Bobal
6. Jura’s Vin Jaune
7. Ethiopia – they’re a bit of an acquired taste
8. Mark Haisma, Jane Eyre, Le Grappin (and any other Aussies making wine in Burgundy)
9. Falernum – the cocktail ingredient is a syrup flavoured with almond, ginger, lime and various other lovely things!
10. Mouton Rothschild – it’s a reference to the fact that it was reclassified from a second growth to a first growth. The full motto is: Premier je suis. Second je fus. Mouton ne change.
11. Muscat of Alexandria


I think I would score 5 points. Lots to learn.


That’s one of the things I love about wine, though - you never stop learning!


Answers posted above!


I also answered only 5… very interesting to do these sort of quizzes though, thanks for posting @Mooble


5 for me too - are we getting the same ones?


I got 1,2,3,6 +8… and feel pretty silly I didn’t get 11 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1,2,5,6,8 for me … feel silly about 4 and assumed 11 was Shiraz (need to read questions better next time)


Thanks so much to @Mooble for posting these.

Would anyone be interested in taking on a similar major challenge? @JO4WINE has a wine-related cryptic crossword that was created by a member and it has defeated many a well-informed staff brain … and maybe someone here waould be interested in taking it on?


Iranians won’t forgive you for saying they speak Arabic!


Love a cryptic crossword! Do post it!


Like I said, I needed to read the question - it was one of those “oh-it-must-be-answer-X” things I keep warning my kids not to do in tests!!

Read the (*) question!!



1, 2, 6, 8 and 11 for me


3,4,5,6,11 for me. Can’t believe I put Margaux for 1!! :woman_facepalming: What an eejit!


I think q 11 is probably one of those that most people could work out if they spent long enough pondering… Q 10 is also one that might be deducible, but the others are in the “you either know it or you don’t” category. 7/11 was the highest score at our end, though it did involve people with the distinct advantage of knowing that I went to Ethiopia last year!
My favourite question is probably number 10: it feels suitably pompously Bordelaise!


Another 5 here…1,2,3,4 and 6 :innocent::rose::wine_glass:


I only got three… :see_no_evil: (1, 3, 5)


You’re making me feel better for only getting four!