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Feeling bemused


Enjoying Society News as one does and thought the Rosé stocks had fallen dangerously low given our now balmy clime. I perused the Rosé write up and noticed the 6 featured wines were in a mixed case for £75, not bad I thought but, out of curiosity, thought I’d check out the cost of buying the wines individually, the grand total? £71.70! Go figure as our transatlantic cousins say.


Yes but if you bought them individually and just them you’d incur a £5 mimimum order charge bringing it to £76.70 so the £75 for the case is technically a better deal because the charge is absorbed into the price of the case :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, really don’t get your point Catherine, I simply add another bottle to get free delivery :thinking:


But if you collected them they would only cost 68.70, after the discount of £3, so a very bad deal.


That’s worth knowing (i.e. that cases of six under £75 will have carriage factored in). Or in other words, if buying more wine, add the wines individually and not as the mixed case.


The point is if you don’t want to add extra bottles you don’t get stuck with having an extra charge. @SPmember although that only works if you are close enough to come to the showroom.


The point, Catherine, is if you want to add a tenner bottle it’ll only cost you a fiver if you factor in delivery. Bottom line, case prices are flawed.


Yes, I have come across this before and found it a bit strange. I imagine most members would rather spend a bit more on wine than on a delivery charge. Once you know you have to reach a £75 spend to avoid the charge you can just adjust accordingly. I think perhaps the “delivery included” aspect could be shown a bit more openly.