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Feeling a bit frustrated

Tidying up and came across an NZ Sauvignon “offer” from a couple of months ago, valid till 11th Feb, covering 8 wines. I see that now 4 are exactly the same price, and the other 4 have increases between 30p. and £1.50.
Wanted to understand better the meaning of the “offer” when half the wines are still available for the same price. Tried to email TWS but repeatedly told not valid email address, and not matching email addresses. Wrong in both cases, so maybe a fault there. Tried to phone and got “all our staff are currently busy” or similar reply.
Hence a bit frustrated - not always a grumpy old man! But when is an “offer” really an offer and why are the price changes so varied when all the wines come from NZ?

Sorry you feel frustrated @Andy999

Feel free to drop me a private message with the emails you were using so I can check those out.

In general The Society does not engage in regular discounting, though there are, of course, occasional special or introductory prices.

The use of the term “Offer” is not intended to mean that the prices have been reduced, but that we are focusing our communications on a specific set of wines. We do this to rotate the range of wines we discuss and to highlight new and interesting wines. Generally it also means we have done our best to ensure there is a certain volume of these wines so that the stock and price will not change while the ‘offer’ is valid.

Changes in prices of wines can happen for a variety of reasons, and not just exchange rates. It could be that we had to make follow-up orders only of some of the wines and their costs increased, for example.

Life would be less interesting if we promoted all 2000(ish) wines all the time without making the messages relevant and timely.

I hope this puts your mind at ease


OK, thanks Robert. I expected a similar reply but am a bit surprised by the changes in prices for the same wine of the same vintage. I suppose I imagined the prices would last a year.

How do I send you a private message? Sorry if this is a stupid question!

not at all - it is only simple if you know how :slight_smile:

if you click on my avatar (picture) you will get my user details and a ‘Message’ button

alternatively, you can click on your own avatar in the navigation bar above, then click on the envelope for messages, and send one from there!

Or TWS could just make its usable email address easier to find on the website.
memberservices@thewinesociety.com seems to work. I have also become frustrated at trying to find an address that worked.