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Federalist Dry Creek Zin

I’ve just had an Amazon Prime notification to inform me my purchase of the above bottle had been dispatched ! The OH has purchased it for me while offshore and it arrives Wednesday . He raves about this wine but I’ve never tried this particular Zin. Does anyone have any experience of tasting this wine ?

I’ll be honest … It scares me


Any wine described as visionary should be treated with suspicion unless experience proves otherwise.

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The OH reckons its great… there have been times however where his palate has let him down :persevere:

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I’d never heard of it. The Federalist website is devoid of any information about who they are or winemaker.

Dry Creek does produce some good Zins, I like those from (the winery called) Dry Creek Vineyard, a family owned winery whose website has all that info.

A little Googling discovers that Fedefalist is a brand name of the Terlato Wine Group.

Then, blow me down, today I was booking a room at the Gatwick Hilton and I see that their winelist (dated July 2017) has The Federalist Zinfandel at £62.

Do let us know what you thought of it, It’s 14.9%abv (tho’ no vintage is given for that) and is blended with Carignan, which is good, but no percentage given

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We were at a friends 70th, a wine loving friend I might add. I was off mingling and my OH was chatting to the bar man drinking red in a private function room. Turns out he had asked the bar man if he had anything “off” the wine list which as it was a bit “bland”. Turned out it was this wine he had been drinking and has raved about it since. Its the 2015 which has arrived even though he ordered the 2014 and its a massive 15% :open_mouth:! Might be one for the coravin… I’ll let you know what its like once the 2014 arrives.
There was ANOTHER bottle in the box too of this… Which I’m ecstatic about as its probably up there in my top 1% of all time wines…

Ps: he did not pay that price…

Leah, it would scare me if it’s 15%. But I’m a wimp.

Picking up on another thread from Alexandra - ‘private wine law.’ “Never drink a wine over 14%”.

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I have never had an issue with higher alcohol wines - as long as its in balance, saying that I do enjoy Sherry and Port so might be more used to higher alcohol beverages when drinking table wines.


I think my formative wine drinking years i.e. 1970s have had some influence on my tastes. Alcohol levels were generally lower - claret at 12/12.5%, for example - and these levels of ABV are now hard-wired into my senses.
When I try wine of 14 - 15% ABV I seem to miss the finer nuances of flavour as well as picking up a sweetness that seems to linger.
There was a podcast recently in which Hugh Johnson talked about the ‘Parker Effect’ on clarets in particular. He was saying how influential Parker has been in changing the styles of Bordeaux wines from a leaner, austere taste to richer, fuller and fruit forward style.
Thankfully we’re all different - which makes the debate dynamic.

I have visited Dry Creek a number of times and have never seen this vineyard. I personally the best small small producer in Dry Creek is Dave Rafenelli who makes a great traditional Zin. Mind you some of the Ravenswood single vineyard Zins when Joel Perterson made them were block busters

I have a sneaking suspicion that Federalist are in fact some sort of Negociant as they have a range of wines from Lodi, Sonoma, Dry creek and Mendocino … there’s little or no info on the website either ! Still have not opened it and I was sent ANOTHER 2015 instead of the 2014 so I’ll probably wait til Easter to get stuck in now :wink:!

Another vote here for Dry Creek Vineyard - great Zinfandels, both the heritage clone and the old vine bottlings.

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From reading other forums it seems Amazon are notorious for ignoring vintages. Despite what it says on their site, they will ship what they have in stock, which will be the most recent vintage.

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At least they didn’t charge for the second bottle :+1:

Well, @Leah. Here I am in the US with a bottle of The Federalist Zinfandel 2015.

It was on discount at Publix supermarket at $14.99 (+6% sales tax) supposedly saving $5.50.

It has the fizzog of Geo. Washington on the front label and is Lodi appellation and its 15% abv.

Says it is “cellared and bottled” by Federalist. My shaky memory tells me that the wine was made by someone else who sold it to them.

It tastes big, gloopy sweet and of blueberries. I don’t really like it that much because it’s too sweet and lacking structure. Lodi can be a good source of old vine Zinfandel but I I wouldn’t buy this one again.

The supermarket had a range of different varietals with a different historical figure on the label.

So, what was yours like?

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Good to know thanks @peterm. I haven’t opened one yet but I think the OH might have had one of the bottles, I’ll have to check … so what you’re saying is “gift” it to someone :rofl::rofl:.


This article gives some insight into the back story of the Federalist brand. Makes you wonder if this thread should be linked to the one on “celebrity endorsements” elsewhere on the community…


I don’t think that’s the correct interpretation. The wine brand came out some years before the first performance of the musical. Since the success of the musical it seems, according to the article, they’ve linked this particular label of theirs to it to their benefit.

Different varieties in the range have images on the left of the left of the label that are the same or similar to those on US banknotes. In Hamilton’s case it seems they flipped the engraving on the $10 note so he’s facing our right (his left) .
Hamilton on the wine label


Hamilton on the $10 banknote

In this US trip I enjoyed a good many California and New York wines, but not the overly sweet reds stocked by chain restaurants - or that Federalist…


I just found it interesting how a wine brand had linked up with a show…