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February 2020 on The Community



Hi everyone,

This is our second roundup of highlights from the Community this month to help you catch up on what you’ve missed (there’s more about why we’re doing this here).

If you have feedback on things you like/things you think we’re missing then please shout. :slight_smile:


Coming up: February #twstaste : White Rhone vs White Burgundy: Thursday 13th Feb, 8-9pm
At our next monthly virtual tasting, we’ll be pitting two classic French white wines against each other - which one will steal the show on the night? Join us to find out…

Catch up… on our January tasting, A Tale of Two Tannats to see what these tastings are like.

Top posts

  1. To view our top topic of the month, you’ll need to join our our private En Primeur group - because you’ve all got stuck in with discussing the latest Rhone 2018 En Primeur offer.
  2. Get a dose of nostalgia in the Wine Advertising on TV chat - anyone for a Babycham? :wink:
  3. Alcohol, mood and mental health got everyone talking, and raised some very important points. Bravo to you all for your insight and sensitivity.
  4. There’s some delectable suggestions in the ‘A perfect recipe for Rhone’ chat on our food and wine matching board.
  5. What makes a fine wine ‘fine’? Join in the debat in our Fine wine definition chat.

New User of the Month

The Community bots :robot: have once again picked a top user from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge - congrats to @Jithotw , who joined to take part in last month’s #twstaste and has since become a welcome addition to various topics, including giving us a top sparkling wine recommendation. Congrats and welcome!

Tasting note of the month

This month’s award goes to @Embee! :clap:

Here’s to less wet days in Watford, more summer sipping with a view! :joy:


Lastly, just another reminder that we’re currently recruiting for a new Social Media and Community Coordinator to join me in the Marketing team. This means we’ll soon be able to put some serious work into making this Community the best it can be, and there’ll be lots more events and fun to come…!

That’s it for this month!

Any questions? Just ask. :slight_smile:

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