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Favourite wine (or food) related books?

Oz Clarke for me too. Love his writing style which reflects both his energy and enthusiasm.

My absolute favourite is his New Classic Wines which I bought at a signing (and tasting) at Waterstones in Cardiff back in 1991.

It is responsible for my love of Musar and I am sure on a sub conscious level my recent purchase of the Au Bon Climat case from the Wine Society.

The book covers an amazing range of wine making pioneers of the 80s and 90s and some from earlier (Max Schubert and Serge Hochar naturally).

Sad that a number have now passed away but wonderful that their wines live on!



Actually - you are right. My brother-in-law is a Breton farmer - and from what he says, Jefford’s argument do accord with the G.J. ideals. Except for the occupying of roundabouts and wanton destruction of posh shops.

This is an absolute page-turner.


It’s a web of intrigue involving collectible wines, auction houses, forensics, high-visibility figures and more. I think one of the famous wine figures in the UK had an injunction against this book being soldhere, but he’s no longer with us.


This was quite an entertaining distraction (quite short). More food than wine


Just finished reading this! Very interesting, and so much for ‘provenance’!!

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So it’s not a novel and it is not in depth on a particular region but this little book was given to me by a dear friend https://www.amazon.co.uk/Periodic-Table-WINE-Sarah-Rowlands/dp/1785031678 . It is excellent at describing different grape varieties and showing you how different varieties relate to each other. It really can lead to some great exploration :wine_glass:


I’ll chuck in The Accidental Connoisseur by Lawrence Osborne, which I really enjoyed. It’s been out of print for a while but you can pick up cheap second-hand copies fairly easily from Amazon. It’s the other end of the wine writing spectrum from Hugh, Jancis etc – you don’t read it for the authority and expertise, it’s just a quietly humorous, beautifully written non-fiction book, whose subject happens to be wine.

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Did you like it? Did you guess the name who brought the injunction in the UK?

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Very good book. My wife gave me a copy for Xmas a long time ago. If you liked him, you will also like:


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Thanks! It’s been on my list for a while but I haven’t got round to it yet. Maybe I’ll hook out some Pallieres from reserves and do both over Christmas.

Was it M Broadbent?

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Spot on, @peatbogfog!

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I bought this recently. Its not been “used” yet but I am very happy with the purchase regardless and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes out (even if we are pescatarian and so part of the book will remain unused - the pictures of the steak in there is shall we say, unhelpful)


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Oxford Companion to Wine


Got mine post free around 5 years ago.
Virtually brand new and £5.
Just make sure you get the hardcover version and the latest edition available. :+1: :dragon:

One series of books that are hugely revered are:

Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks


On many subjects, the great thing is that all the recipes work.
I have purchased many cookbooks some are garbage, as the recipes are not road tested or checked for accuracy.
Maybe start with a BBQ one as this cuisine is a matter of National pride in Australia.
I’ve got a shedfull of them!! :+1: :grinning: :dragon:

Oxford Companion to Wine

Hoping the 5th Edition comes out soon.

Have been soldiering on with my 1st Edition and decided the latest model is overdue!

Perhaps Jancis Robinson will give us a clue when she appears on Desert Island Wines next month.

As as Australian I can definitely say it IS an iconic series, and the recipies are always spot on. I never knew you could get them on eBay UK, looking forward to having a good browse (while giggling at “Oriental Dinner Party”).

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Needs a new update but this is great:

A or maybe THE definitive tome on the subject from J L-L.
I reeled when I saw the £46 price several years ago, I got my copy from eBay at £7. :+1: :dragon: