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Favourite vineyard photos


Rhône? Chateauneuf?


Sorry to reply to an old post! And this is OT too!

Aleppo has close associations with British literature, children’s literature, that folks may not be aware of. Swallows & Amazons. Arthur Ransome based the children in the books on a family he knew who spent their summers in the Lake District, but who were from Aleppo. The family name is Altounyon, and Taki Altounyon, who died only a few years ago, was the model for Susan in the novels. Her grandfather was an Armenian doctor who had moved to Aleppo in the 1880s (I think) and eventually founded a hospital and was a prominent citizen and benefactor in Aleppo. His son, also a doctor, married an Englishwoman and they divided their time between Aleppo and the Lake District, where they (or their several young children) served as an inspiration for Swallows & Amazons.

Anyway, Taki Altounyon (I’m assuming her dates were something like 1920-2010 ish) was an author in her own right, publishing several very evocative books about her grandfather, Aleppo and its role as a haven for Armenians at the time of the genocide, and the whole history of Aleppo through the twentieth century - French administration, increasing intolerance for Jews, Armenians and other minorities after independence from France. I think the family ended up in Jerusalem or Alexandria, but ultimately the UK.

The books are available from libraries, and well worth reading for anyone interested in the Levant in the 20th century…


The galet a bit of a giveaway?! Yes, it’s Château de Beaucastel in Châteuneuf-du-Pape. Lovely property.


That’s a beauty, @philip_currie! :+1:

Here’s my contribution, from our visit of the rather amazing historic wine cellar of the Strasbourg Hospices.

The highlight (other than buying a bottle) was this old barrel, which still contains wine from 1472 - the oldest one in barrel in the world, apparently:

Highly recommended, if you’re in Strasbourg. And hopefully you’ll have a better camera than my tablet’s!

Weekend drinking thread - [14-16 June 2019]

My contribution


What are those trees in the background…?


Good question - I’ve no idea! Here is a closer photo


It’s a palm tree, surely? Lots of these where I come from - but where is your vinyard…?! :thinking:


It is - I’m just not sure what type… possibly a Chilean Wine Palm? The vineyard belongs to Viña Peumayen and is located in Panquehue, Aconcagua Valley, Chile :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! Fantastic! :+1::+1:
Chilean Palm trees, eh? You learn something every day!


Some pictures of different seasons in Alsace.

First, fruit just setting at the end of May.

The end of harvest time.

And slumbering in winter.


Sooo beautiful :+1:


One of my fave vineyards right here - the clue to the name is in the picture!


Is that an old olive tree?


Well it ain’t a young olive tree. Maybe it’s Crete?


Contino Viña del Olivo?


Congrats to @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! It is indeed Contino’s Viña del Olivo.


If it’s ‘guess the vineyard’ you might want to edit the second image…


Good spot — I hadn’t noticed! Deleted because you can see edits.

Two separate ones:


never leave you tech savvy child with the social media linked camera…we aren’t sure if it went out on Pape Celement’s sm accounts (before being removed) …but he managed to send himself a copy of the evidence by email