Favourite Usernames

When we created this site it was decided that we would allow members to choose a username rather than have to use their real names only.

While using your name helps to get to know you, choosing something different allows individuals not only to be identifiable, but also to communicate a sense of personality.

I’ve been very amused by a few of the names that have appeared on the list, and since I turned off the opportunity to browse through the full member list (for privacy reasons), I thought I might share a small selection of my favourites here.

Hope you enjoy your fellow members’ creativity too - and if you feel I’ve missed someone off (or I’ve failed to catch the message in your selection), do let me know

Some favourite usernames:


Which is your favourite?

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Intrigued by the roots of the names, such as wandering albatross, though with the inclusion of an “h”, @Tobylerone would win it for me.

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My name was more a statement of fact than an attempt at being funny :thinking:


I’m delighted to note that mine’s in the list but my vote definitely goes to @wineboar

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Well, the hocolate bars are on me…

I play this game with names of blue tooth & wifi devices around me on public transport - highly amusing. Some names just completely lol you