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Favourite summer roses 2019?


Hi everyone,

I’m a big rose fan, but I don’t think I’ve tried even half the range of roses we offer, let alone discovering gems from further afield!

I’ve got a few I’ve tried recently that I really recommend, but I’d love to hear your go-to roses? Across all price points - but particularly the over-£8 range.

So, my top picks so far are:

After we tried it at a #twstaste last year!

I picked this up last week from the Showroom (I have to admit, I was shallow enough to choose it because of its distinctive square-edged bottle)… but it’s GORGEOUS! Utterly delicious for under £8.

I got given a bottle of this last year and it was really lovely - a good failsafe bottle.

This has been sat in my wishlist since @philip_currie recommended it a couple of months back! Just waiting for the right ‘treat yourself’ moment… :heart_eyes:

Thanks in advance for helping me expand my rose horizons!


This is really very good:

I’ve picked up about 24 different roses this summer to try, slowly working my way through them.

Last year I also loved the 2017 of this:


This Tavel is a perennial favourite:

And just noticed that a further (more expensive) cuvee is also available, which I’m doing to have to try!

This one is also delicious:

And I’m awaiting delivery of this Bandol rosé, for which I have high expectations…

Also second @tom’s Basilicata from Alovini!


As far as regular/generic roses go, I think the wine society’s Corsican rose is hard to beat. It’s by far the best of the wine society wine range that I’ve tasted. Pretty similar quality to Miraval and Whispering Angel for a lot less money. Haven’t really tried any of the more esoteric roses out there.


I think you’ve got some good ones there @laura, the only one I would add that hasn’t been mentioned is this:

I’ve really enjoyed it the few times I’ve had it.


Oh yeah, that reminds me - this is my favourite rose TWS sells:


The quality of rosé has come on in leaps and bounds. Even the supermarkets have a few decent ones. I’d have to support all the previous recommendations. Haven’t had the 2018 Corse Calvi, but the '17 was the best pink with food I had last year. This one from Provence has had good reviews.

The 2017 of this was excellent. Not had the 2018 as yet. Unusual high shoulder bottle.


I’ve drunk a lot of rose this summer, as my wife loves it. Best one from TWS was this, which was absolutely delicious, full of strawberries and cream.

I’ve also had some Tempier rose 2018 and 2009. The new vintage was nothing special, but the aged wine was wonderfully savoury - perfect for cheese.

Of the non-TWS roses, there have been good experiences with rose Musar, rose Sancerre, rose Burgundy, and a Cinsault from South Africa…


Oh I am spoilt for choice, I see! :heart_eyes:

Might pick up a six-bottle mixed case, with:

@tom’s Domaine de Mesclances and Corse-Calvi
@Inbar’s Tavel and Bel Air
@Leah’s Cuvee Villany (I KEEP seeing this recommended and forgetting to buy it!)
and @Kent_wino’s Cotes de Provence!

@Iain37 - excellent point about the Corsican punching above its price weight! I keep hearing people go mad about Whispering Angel but confess I’ve never tried it - maybe I’ll stick to the Corsican! :wink:

@Bluebeard - OOH YES I forgot Contino, a lovely friend brought over a bottle for dinner last weekend and it disappeared sooooo quickly. An absolute delight - I might get one of those too. :smile:

Wow, thanks everyone! :smiley: I will report back… :wink:


You can’t go wrong with that case!

Have to say i think the pink selection this year is the best I’ve seen it, loads of great wines!


Annual BBQ at a friend’s today … Bringing that Bordeaux and my shades :sunglasses:


There may be a magnum of this accompanying me to a BBQ this afternoon… :sunglasses:


It may be sacrilege on a Wine Society forum, but I love Chateau Minuty, sold by Roberson (and maybe still Majestic). Around £12-14 a bottle. Classic Provençal loveliness.


I also really like this and Muga rosé which TWS used to stock by unfortunately no longer do and I have to purchase direct from decantalo.


Perhaps there’s the opportunity for a one off “@laura” mixed half-case; with the added bonus of 7 bottles instead of 6. Sounds a perfect summer offer! :wink:


Good fuller flavoured Rosato. Concentrated and fruity.


@NickFoster Ooh, that sounds right up my street. I’ll try to grab a bottle of that from the Showroom later this week. :heart_eyes:

Just an update on the roses I’ve tried so far!

This really lived up to the ‘delicate’ in the tasting note, and was nice and fresh, but maybe not quite as fruity as I’d normally go for. Very sophisticated, though!

LOVED this! Much more along the fruity-fresh-and-appealing style that I love - plus it had a really nice zingy raspberry/tangerine lip-smacking quality that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Next up… maybe the Corse-Calvi?! I’ll let you know after this weekend! :smiley:


I have enjoyed this a lot (Jane MacQuitty was singing its praises in last Saturday’s Times column, even though it was sold out at the time of writing, but I see more stock is expected on 16 August.

She went on to recommend this in Eulalie’s absence (which I took delivery of yesterday, but haven’t tried yet)

I ordered a case of this during the recent promotion when ordering multiple cases. Probably my favourite this year, excellent as an aperitif, and very easy to polish of the bottle without noticing. Fantastic value too.


that anjou is VERY fruity. a touch too sweet for me but very easy drinking.


Just had a bottle of this on the balcony while the roast was cooking - really nice wine - not over-the-top, but considerably fuller-flavoured than standard Provence rosé. Fruity, meaty, a bit mineral. Quite long too. Lovely - will definitely order a few more bottles in the next case for late summer evenings on the balcony!