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Favourite sub-£10 red at TWS

I’m always on the look out for delicious, modestly priced reds to keep midweek drinking running smoothly. Has anyone found any gems recently?

Here’s an approximation of where I’ve got to:

A list:
Altolandon Bobal
Marcillac Lo Sang del Pais
Society’s Portuguese red (out of stock now)

B list:
Society’s Argentine Malbec
Esporao Monte Velho tinto
Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
Delas Grignan les Adhemar

Not a rebuy for me:
Baccolo Appassimento rosso Veneto
Society’s Cotes du Rhone
Lubanzi SGM
Undurraga Cauquenes grenache
Undurraga Cauquenes carignan
Society’s Claret
Society’s Beaujolais Villages
Percheron shiraz-mourvedre
Society’s Corbieres

Enjoyed a previous vintage but not tried recently:
Rive Droite, Rive Gauche CdR
Condamine l’Eveque Cotes de Thongue
Society’s Chilean cab sauv
Parcelas Ecologico monastrell, Yecla
Ciro rosso gaglioppo
Sicilian Reserve Red
Pesquie Ventoux Terrasses
PJA Ventoux les Traverses
Ch Courac CdR

Enjoy but just over £10 so DNQ:
Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone
Weinert Carrascal Corte Tinto
Exhibition Fleurie

Shortly to try:
Society’s French grenache
Gentleman Vigneron merlot
Paolini Terre Siciliane nero d’avola

What’s anyone else drinking that’s great in this bracket?


I came here to say this but you already had it.

Just added the Marcillac Lo Sang del Pais and Esporao Monte Velho tinto to my basket based on your recommendations so thanks.

Enjoy but just over £10 so DNQ:
Ksara is always one I come back to.


Ksara RdC is a good one. Haven’t had it for ages. Thanks for the reminder!


I am buying less at this price point as I’m drinking a lot less, but maintaining spend, but these are the ones that I still buy regularly.

Viña Zorzal Graciano, Navarra 2019 and Viña Zorzal Garnacha, Navarra 2020 are both great (I marginally prefer the Graciano, but I think that’s a personal taste rather than quality thing). Blau, Montsant 2020 is all of the nom too. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Vigna Corvino 2020 is my other go to.

Also a shout out to the cube of joy!


I’m with you on the Marcillac - it’s been a repurchase since my very first WS order in 2018.

Other sub-£10 favourites are (in no particular order):



Pepe Mendoza Mares de Luz Monastrell Giro, Alicante 2019 (absolutely loved this one, and was an immediate re-purchase)



Stift Klosterneuburg St Laurent 2019 (a case of ‘don’t judge a book by its horrid cover’)

And just over your £10 limit…

The Society's Valpolicella Ripasso 2018 (whatever the vintage).

There are probably more I have forgotten…


Wow! I’d not seen that before! Powerful.


Can’t argue with the wines mentioned that I’ve tried/

I’d add the Fronton, the Marcilliac and the unpronounceable Turkish one.


Thank you. I hadn’t noticed that the Blau was available again. Really enjoyed it in previous vintages.


I also “vote” for this one


Big fan of a lot of the wines already mentioned, I’d add squeaking in under the £10, the gloriously fresh and crunchy fruit of this (sadly now out of stock)


(Edited to remove the rosé having not read the topic properly :man_facepalming:t2:)


I found this a bit sweet for my liking, but horses for courses of course.

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To me it tasted unmistakably of Cherry Cola. I did like it though.

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My faves:
-Jaume CdR
-Courac CdR
-Anything by Zorzal
-Domaine du Trillol Corbieres (sadly no longer with us, but apparently to be reborn as Domaine Peter Sichel)

Under the horses for courses that didn’t quite float my boat
-Baccolo Appassamiento (just not my style, too sweet)
-Society’s claret


I was a massive fan of the Trillol. Bought cases of the stuff and it was largely Trillol’s demise that set me off down this path of trying to find its replacement!

(I’ve recently bought a few bottles of the Peter Sichel rose but haven’t noticed any red from the domaine yet.)

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Yeah, it was a great story. I seem to recall that the domaine was going to reduce their production, stop buying in grapes, and go more upmarket and a few cuvees rather than a single wine. I’m sure we will find out soon enough!

At £10.50 the Saint-Chinian, Chateau La Dournie 2018 deserves an honourable mention (and remains in stock). Some have a pizza wine, I have a sausage wine and this is it!


Two Italian reds for me.

The first isn’t the most original choice but always hits the spot:

The other is a real bargain IMO for a tenner (a great recommendation from @Inbar):


Second vote here by far my favourite society’s own wine! I found the 2018 a touch better than the new 2019 though.

Has anyone tried the Exhibition Côte de Brouilly?
Seems good value but I’m a little put off by the 14% alcohol!


I have tried and like many that have been mentioned. I particularly endorse The Society’s Portuguese Red, I would add a link but the wonderful insightful value-seeking ( :grimacing:) members of the society seem to have bought it all.
Plus I think Navajas Crianza, Rioja 2016 is consistently good performer, as I think is Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2020 although it is clearly not to everyone’s taste.

PS: I found the missing link, as it were The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2020


Yes, and immediately bought more and a bottle for a Beaujolais loving friend. Definitely a thumbs up from me!