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Favourite songs about wine



Last night’s Chilean wine tasting brought out some musical doozies about being out of love for those of us who liked so many comments we ran out of :heartpulse:

So I thought it would be fun to ask about people’s favourite songs or music on a wine theme.

Here’s one to get the ball rolling and don’t press pause when you see Tony Blackburn, I promise it gets better!

Wine (and beer) videos with a difference

Some time ago I attended a performance by an experimental Japanese two-piece named Akaten. One song, entitled simply ‘Wine’, employed the use of a bottle and two glasses which they amplified with radio mics.
It’s a catchy one…!


Actually, there’s a related thread over here: Wine (and beer) videos with a difference

But for the moment, how about another new one?

Is this the ONLY SONG EVER about Sommeliers?

Sommelier – Nekta, Storybook 2010

Sommelier, sommelier, offer me wine
Sparkling white wine
Sommelier, my dear that’s divine

Sommelier, sommelier, many good buys in the last years
Sommelier, that explains my fears

So I’m better off than many others are

You just keep on telling me feel free
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up

Sommelier, sommelier, offer me wine
Sparkling white wine
Sommelier, now’s the time

Sommelier, sommelier, what have I done
let’s have a look
Sommelier, in my storybook

I once was a good girl, but I know what I lost

Now I try not to be mean, still dress like a teen

and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up
and I won’t grow up


After sitting (or should I say cowering?) through “White Wine Spritzer” shared by @M1tch in another thread, I’m reminded that there is an underclass of … unusual … videos to promote wine and beer out there.

Most wine-related videos are the same thing - people sitting at tables, pouring, sniffing, spitting … and if you are like me, these rarely have an impact.

However, there are those who have pushed the boat a little further “off-shore”

Here are a couple of my favourites (or most memorable?) I recall from a couple of years ago (excuse me while I go pop the cork on a little spätlese), but PLEASE SHARE ANY YOU COME ACROSS

WINE - how to sell Riesling

BEER - how to promote beer AND “Don’t Drink & Drive” (one of the best commercials ever)


Don’t forget:


Class :joy::joy::joy:…!!


Well, if we are including pop music videos … how about this one that actually really focuses on the wine (is this the only pop music video to ever do this?) …

Of course, ALL winery visit tours are EXACTLY like this!


Thanks for that. I’m going to play the rap to my Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Auslese Long Goldcap von Kesselstatt 2006 before opening to get it in the mood. :fist:


Does anyone remember the ProWein song from a few years ago? If so, sorry to remind you.
Lighters aloft and at the ready…



SO awful!!


It has to be UB40 and “Red Red Wine”…


And from the classical repertoire, the drinking song from La Traviata - and my cousin is in the chorus and we were there (well at the final dress rehearsal)!


Many versions of this one, but always enjoyed Stick’s best:


Holy Moses, that is awful! I did call this thread about favourites didn’t I!!!


Whilst I’m a great believer in the so-bad-it’s-good category, I take your point and apologise - do hope the Stick McGhee number I posted afterwards goes some way to make amends!


I don’t know if this counts, but I always look for an excuse to include Joni Mitchell in a conversation… So here’s the awesome and heart wrenching ‘Case of You’, with the wonderful “I could drink a case of you, darling, and I would still be on my feet” line… :two_hearts:


I was literally about to post this one too! :smile: I adore this song, really reminds me of a dear family member we sadly lost a few years ago so it’s quite hard to listen to now but what a beautiful song.

On a more upbeat note I spent a looong time (too long, really :flushed:) thinking at the beginning of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance she randomly sang “RED WINE” (she is in fact crediting Red One… who co-wrote/produced the track… :upside_down_face:). Another one for the “you know you’re too obsessed with wine…” topic. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I had most gratifyingly expunged this from my memory banks! Thanks, Martin … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I live to give :joy:


Don’t forget the “store-bought woman” …