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Favourite English wines


Do you think the 2011 Sugrue Pierre is worth the £39 it is priced at? Contemplating buying…


I have a bottle of their ‘the trouble with dreams’ not tried it but all wines made by Sugrue get great reviews. The cuvee Brendan O’Regan is supposed to be sensational probably a good alternative to the Tillington from Nyetimber


We reviewed it here and liked it a lot.


I’m revisiting this thread as I’m off to the US soon and am planning to take a local bottle for a friend. Current society list has Hambledon and Nyetimber at around the price I’d like to spend. Any thoughts on comparing the two? Leaning towards Hambledon, partly for historical value and partly as I’ve not tried it but have had Nyetimber once or twice and liked it


In my humble opinion, they are both as good as each other. I would find it very difficult to decide! Both are fine examples of just how good and complex English sparkling can be, with well-judged acidity, fresh fruit and fine autolytic notes. If push came to shove I would say Nyetimber, but probably only because of local Sussex pride :smiley:

Whichever one you choose you can’t go wrong, so if you are leaning more towards Hambledon for historical value - go for it! :+1:


Thanks. I was fairly sure both would be good, but I never miss an opportunity to overthink a decision :slight_smile:


I’m completely the opposite! Too rash! :smiley:


I am completely in agreement with @Inbar - they are both excellent wines. I would also add that to my taste they both also improve with a bit of storage in bottle, but not everybody shares my taste, nor is it at all necessary for their enjoyment.


I agree with the above, you won’t go wrong with either. For my tastes they are different wines, Nyetimber is linear with a chalkiness I love, the Hambledon is perhaps more complex with an interplay of flavours on the palate. Both show what fine wine in England can achieve for sure.


My sister in law works in the European Commission in Brussels; she just emailed to say that they had a UK Rep reception the other day, and that an “absolutely delicious sparkling wine was served, and guess what?! It was from Sussex!!”… turns out it was a Nyetimber, which wowed all the delegates.

Nice to hear some good news from Brussels. :wink:


I have to agree with the Brussels’ crowd. A vintage Nytimber will quite easily out drink a non-vintage Champagne of the same price point. That is the point at which English Wine excels. It’s value for money. It’s a story now being told the world over when the price of top old world wines especially Bordeaux and Burgundy have now become based on what people will pay rather than based on cost of production. It’s why the new world (personally I feel English Wine is new world wine) is now a better value product, and for most of us the best way to taste some of the best examples of certain styles of wine.


Am on a break in the Cotswolds, just south of Stroud and I discovered there’s a winery on my doorstep. Has anyone heard of, or tried Woodchester Valley wines before?