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Favourite English wines


I suppose it’d be one use for all the heat lamps confiscated from cannabis farms…


Well, with that grape variety, and the connection to prohibited substances, we could bottle it and call it Banned-ol.

I’m here all week, folks.


I am just wondering how these crops cohabit…


Love it! Would definitely buy that (under the counter, naturally)

Yes, I think the issue with the English growing conditions are just soil and rain, but sunlight hours and also hours above a certain temperature … these matter a lot for ripening.


Only Ridgeview (which I love and recommend)- and also had a nosy around the vineyard in Plumpton- but not in any proper visiting capacity, just been around the 'hood, as it were. I remember years ago reading about Plumpton College’s Viticulture and Oenology degree (the course used to be validated by the University of Brighton, where I work)- and thinking it sounded like such a fabulous course. In another life, perhaps…
I’m going to visit the Carr Taylor vinery in July- it’s been given to me as a present. Never even heard of them- but from their website sounds like the produced the first commercial rosé sparkling in the UK… so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s what. It’s near Hastings, apparently.


We visited them last year, quite low key, unglamouress. We bought their NV Brut.


I think they’re a little family enterprise…? I like the sound of their Pinot Blanc sparkling, and the rosé looks interesting too. How was their NV Brut??

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I tried a bottle of this lovely wine last night (only a taste as others before me had enjoyed the rest). Don’t know much about it as it was given as a gift, but a lovely, fresh citrusy wine with some roundness but also some hint of lanolin (?), maybe from the ageing.

with some background info

(white peach and green apple is a good description)

Shows that English whites can also age I guess - not this was from 2013


Is it a contract winemaker? Can’t quite make out from your picture. To get to 12% in Bedford is an achievement.


Should do my research first!!! Made under contract by Denbies.
The Vineyard is a social enterprise working across various sections of society.


Heads up for those who want to try English Sparkling- M&S have Castle Brook classic cuvee for the amazing price of £15 half price genuine bargain.


@robert_mcintosh that reminds me that I intended to make a visit; it’s not far away.

As for ageing … I have a bottle of 1974 English white wine that I doubt will have aged for the better :slight_smile:


We look forward to the tasting note…!


Tried a few from Gusborne today and was mightily impressed!! The 2013 Brut was an absolute cracker. The rose and Blanc de Blancs were also very good


I’m just finishing a bottle of something that I didn’t think existed - a decent English red :astonished: You’d swear this was a decent Beaujolais if tasted blind.

Step forward Adgestone Vineyard on the Isle of Wight - I’ll definitely be picking up a few more bottles next time I’m there (their white was pretty decent too, the brilliantly named Dry Wight).


Suspect it’s a blend of Rondo and Regent. There are a number of vineyards producing - even up here in Shropshire. My experience is of variable quality.


I think that might be a wine to try if you enjoy straight merlots. There’s something about Rondo that seems to drive even blends towards that profile.

If you don’t go for straight merlots, then pinot noir is likely to be your best bet for an English red. Gusborne’s is usually very good, not to mention expensive, but there are quite a few others with more local distribution.

Avoid Triomphe d’Alsace.


Just been at a tasting of Tillingham wines and Starvecrow ciders - the same maker although different companies.

They’re fantastic! Quite expensive but really original and delicious. All un-fined, natural yeasts. Tried a beautiful Ortega, a pret nat rose and best of all an Ortega fermented in Georgian Qveveri, really complex and delicious, and now the most expensive bottle of wine I’ve ever bought…

The ciders are really special too, and the cheapest was the most interesting in my opinion, again all natural and unfiltered, really crisp, dry and multi-layered


Can’t match that age but I was given a bottle of “English” wine many years back that served as a paperweight for a considerable time, I don’t know if it matured or slunk off…