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Favourite English wines


Advice maybe?



Not a good enough reason to leave the EU, in my opinion, but better not go into all that…!
I’m going to see if I can book a visit to their vineyard this summer- they sound like quite a determined bunch to me, so I’m intrigued! :smiley:
Another English sparkling I stumbled upon recently is called Tickerage. I actually stayed in Tickerage, which is near a village called Blackboys in East Sussex, many moons ago and clearly before the place became a vinery, or I would have visited the vineyard. Wonder if anyone tried it or come across it?
Life’s too short and there’s so much wine to try…:yum:

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This is the reply I got from my cousin the wine consultant about Pinot Noir, it is self explanatory…

"Pinot Noir now represents around 22% of the total UK planting, the second most planted variety, mainly Champagne clones on the chalk and greensand in the south east for sparkling wine production. There are also some small planting of Dijon clones outside that area for still wines.

Some small older vineyards will also refer to their planting of Pinot Precoce/Early Pinot. AKA the German Fruhburgunder as Pinot Noir—incorrectly in my view.

There is a further estimated 2.5 million vines being planted this year, much of this will be Pinot Noir."

Variations on a theme of Pinot Noir

Ah, @peterm… I must have been on Planet Denial :wink:


They’ve just released the first wines - looking pretty good by all accounts. Here is @JamieG’s take:



For the sake of clarity alone, I’d just like to correct this and point out that it’s okay for the people of the UK to change their minds in light of new information, especially on such a crucial matter. 23 June 2016 was an advisory, non-binding poll; no more, no less. No point-of-no-return has been reached or passed.

Floating voters are a good thing - they stop us living in a one-party state.

This is a really good thread about English wines and I don’t wish to hijack it, so I’ll leave it at that.

Cheers all :clinking_glasses:


I second all that you say, @Herbster! :+1:
This isn’t a political forum, so as you say- we should leave it at that. Then again… we live in the real world, so this crucial issue is bound to rear its head even in a wine forum. As for me, I’m in denial. Not very useful coming from a counsellor, but there you go! :neutral_face:
PS- you replied to me, but did you mean to reply to @peterm?


Yeah, my shoddy forum skills coming out there, sorry!


Thank you! I am quite certain that there are strong feelings on this subject from many people in the forum and with different perspectives. There are many places to air those ideas and discussions and I don’t think we need another one at this stage.


Saying the B-word on a forum is like saying “candyman” three times in a mirror or “Voldemort” out loud. Nothing good can come of it.
(10 points if you can guess what decade I was born in with these two as my go-to pop culture references!)


Beetlejuice? (and don’t say THAT three times either!)

(another dated cultural reference I suspect)


Back on the wine front: has anyone ever seen any Loire varieties being grown in England? Surely it isn’t that much warmer there than in Champagne? And it’s definitely wet!



Apart from pinot noir? Melon de Bourgogne must surely have a fighting chance somewhere around here.


Rather surprised nobody has mentioned the Albury Estate, where they are producing some delicious sparkling wine. Also patronized by royalty!

And you can combine a visit to the winery with a visit to the Silent Pool distillery, currently producing one of the best gins around.


A terrific day out as long as you have a chauffeur!


I haven’t actually got around to visiting any of the local vineyards yet, although I did get given tickets for a guided tour and tasting at Albourne. My wife subsequently threw them away by mistake, so I’m going to have to calm them up and try and get them reissued!
Aside from Rathfinny, are there any other Sussex vineyards you’ve visited and would recommend?


Has anyone tasted Rathfinny riesling yet? Not sure if they’ve actually produced wine or if its still only grapes.

There isn’t much English wine I’m especially curious about (not a big sparkling fan) but Sussex riesling sounds exciting


I was looking forward to that one too!

According to the article last week, the riesling didn’t work out.


Hattingley valley did try some Chenin blanc, but my understanding is that it has been (or was going to be) grafted over as it was too marginal to ripen successfully.

Though I guess it doesn’t mean that some other site may not be able to do it, though apparently there are quite serious differences as to how different grapes respond to the differences in climate and latitude.

I think someone was growing one of the cabernets under polytunnels in Devon or Cornwall, but that’s not the same thing.


That’s it, now I want to see English mourvédre grown in greenhouses.