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Favourite car you have driven or like to drive


A bit back to front but I have never driven one of these but would like to…



Our favourite car and the one we have replaced it with. Guess which is which :joy::wink::cry:


I’m hoping for some strange reason the i3 is your favourite and you’ve now replaced it with the Boxster but I fear that is wrong.

My commiserations. I feel your pain.


I’ve always fancied the Jaguar XK series cars. Never going to happen though! :wink:

A slightly more realistic ambition would be the Austin Healey 3000

I did have one of these for a while:

And also one of these:
Okay so not a car (and definitely didn’t look quite as good as the one in the picture!) but I was very fond of it.


Thank you for you commiserations. We have swapped a beautiful swan for an ugly duckling. Sensible and eco friendly but still an ugly duckling. We also have a spawn of the devil BMW 5 series diesel estate that we use for long distances and holidays, and were using the Boxster as our about town run-around. Hard to justify especially as the Southampton pot holes were making it a very tough ride with all the worries about the Boxster’s suspension. On the plus side, we haven’t been to a petrol station for months.


I have driven a v12 Etype coupe…awesome



Yes I hesitated to mention one of them in my wish list - still prefer the XK though. I believe the Es were not… the easiest car to drive, with all that weight over the steering wheels.


Good question:

Favourite one I would LOVE to own/drive Mercedes SL from the 50/60s:

The modern one I’m almost tempted to buy:


I used to own a Healey 100/6 which was the direct antecedent of the 3000. A gratifying rumble from the engine at all speeds, though you really had to watch your line to avoid grounding it. Also had a half share in a Triumph TR3


(Picture from the internet, not my car). Of course, despite all these cars being sporty, the average saloon accelerates better, and gives twice the mpg these days! Such is progress.


I did consider myself a bit of petrol head but having driven jaguar I-pace I am full covert… it is wicked!! But not mine unfortunately :confused:



My Uncle in law has one of these in silver along with an Aston Martin DB4 . I’ve obviously never been allowed to sit in either :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:!


We’ve had all types of cars and trucks/vans and I’m a fan of big ones ! I’ve always loved cars and prior to the kids fast ones :rofl:! I had Audis for years but now like @JayKay have the 525 diesel estate! Useful for long drives with tents etc…:wink: We had a T4 transporter which eventually died and was scraped , Porsche 911 997, sold due to lack of use and sat permanently on-charge. (It just wasn’t practical for 2 large dogs & 2 kids) :rofl:. Purchased a twin cab 110 defender and had a custom roof rack made along with grills fitted over every window and light as had an attempted theft the first night it came home :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:! That now lives in the garage with the Harley V-rod .
But if anyone’s interested in purchasing a Westfield 7 then let me know :grimacing::pray:


Our Porsche also used to lose its charge if not used for a week or so. We had a trickle charger we could plug in if it wasnt going to be used for a while.


I loved my Honda S2000 - pictured at the front here somewhere near the Grossglockner/Brenner some years ago. I was living in Scotland and working as a sales manager for another wine merchant at the time and had the S2000 as my company car, which meant store visits via the Braemar pass were quite good fun. 1910175_19605937266_6536_n

Living with South London traffic jams for the last few years, I’ve lost my love of driving but would dearly love a Westie/Caterham if I could find an excuse for one.


So whose is the V-rod? I always fancied a Harley but never got one. Now I’d be more inclined to go for a big on/off road tourer like a KTM or, dare I say it, a BMW.


The V-rod is not mine … I can’t ride one, I’ve only been pillion , it’s a great looking bike though :wink:.


Ah this thread makes my company car decision between generic 2 litre diesels seem so mundane :roll_eyes:


Most iconic car I have owned was a 1991 Mazda RX7 FC3S Turbo II, I really shouldn’t have sold it :frowning: Have also had a few Mk1 MX5s which were great fun, then the later models became much heavier with leather seats, aircon etc and kinda lost their sparkle.

Current best car I have driven though is my current project car, a Toyota MR2 Roadster (the unloved mk3), in the process at the moment of building a fully forged engine to go for big power - power to weight should be on par with a Lamborghini Aventador but with a cost saving of around £230,000.


Was it an AP1 or AP2?


Technically an AP1 in that the AP2 2.2L engine never came to the UK but instead was the original 2L engine with 9,000rpm limit but the restyled body - 17" wheels etc. so best of both worlds /geekmode

Luckily I got my tyres paid for as part of the company car deal - they tended to wear out in under 5,000 miles when driven as intended :grinning: