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Favourite artist and track

Glad to see a reply. I was wondering if you could still type today !


For me, live music is the only way to go. If you will excuse the vanity post :-

The Ramones - live at the Rainbow 1977 - (Recorded for ‘It’s alive’ LP) - yes I was there. Possibly the finest gig I have ever been to … barely a pause between tracks. After that music could never be the same again, binned prog rock stone dead.

Much later. Warren Haynes at the Picturedrome Holmfirth (500 max capacity?) - legendary singer/ songwriter / guitarist with The Grateful Dead AND The Allman Brothers. Awsome.

My secret enjoyment however is Trance / Dance music. Mostly Armin with high end headphones, makes dull day freelance design work just fly by.

Greatest regret is never seeing Rory Gallagher live. Oh… and my Belstaff ‘cafe racer’ leather jacket no longer fits (cant believe what they sell for now!).


Now that live can be transcendental too :star_struck:


I wasn’t there but have the record. Lucky you !

Television, with Blondie supporting, at the Hammersmith Odeon was the game changer for me. Had to get permission from my parents though !

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Television eh? I dug out ‘Marquee Moon’ last year - interesting to say the least. Blondie had a superb drummer, one of the best.

I was (only just) 17 for the Ramones gig. 1977 & growing up with N London pub-rock / early punk fundamantally changed my attitude to our self imposed constraints - we could be anything we wanted to be - or not. Never really happened of course, but the ideals were real…

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Somewhat earlier than this but one of the most memorable gigs I attended was Neil Young at the Rainbow on the Tonight’s the Night tour when he played all of that fairly uncompromising album in full and as a result alienated a fair proportion of the audience. After which he announced ‘here’s one you’ve heard before’ to great applause before reprising one of the Tonight’s the Night songs. Nothing if not curmudgeonly!


Totally agree with your sentiments.

I was 15 at the time, I guess it wasn’t a school night. I’d have been listening to SAHB, Todd Rundgren and bit of jazz rock at that time. The thing I loved about TV was their fierce musicality so I didn’t find them alienating in the slightest.

No doubt, my subsequent interest in rawer, more DIY, music was a consequence of hearing them in the first place.

Miles Davis and Archie Shepp, also at the Hammersmith Odeon.

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Clem Burke - always in time…somewhere on the track :rofl:
He played on a friends album and did the first tour…great live…great energy…one of the best ? jury out here

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Never went in for the progressive or unusual.

So at the risk of being boring:

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - Kashmir

The one track that energises, haunts and makes me so, very happy.


And I just checked and I answered this post in May, '18.
You’ll never guess what I replied.
I feel just a little proud of myself!:grinning:


Current favourite track…


Ha ha!.. :rofl::rofl:

Joke aside, they are one of my favourite bands of all times. I simply melt when I hear Stewart Copeland speak (loved his recent programmes about drumming, and about music in general). The virtuosity of each of them on their respective instrument, coupled with some pretty intelligent lyrics and amazing energy wins me every time. :heart_eyes:


shows consistency in this fickle world !


i’m going for a double whammy…




The Smiths. Handsome Devil. You need to set aside that Morrissey has become a racist idiot and remember that they wrote some superb songs.


Can’t forgive the Smiths for the fact my best friend’s and my inability to place the lyric ‘I would go out tonight but I haven’t got a stitch to wear’ robbed us of first place in one of the Melody Maker Christmas quizzes was back in the mid 80’s! I still have my 3rd place prize of Graham Parker’s Squeezing Out Sparks to remind me :roll_eyes:


I’ve made up our very own Spotify playlist of all tracks mentioned (not all albums or oeuvres of artists - just the specific tracks) for your download, delight and delectation!