Favourite artist and track

Have been listening to this on the way home.

First discovered listening to BBC Radio some number. Maybe already mentioned it before.

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It’s lovely, but it’s like a different language! I think if I ever went to that neck of the woods, I wouldn’t understand a word :sweat_smile:

He sings a very nice French, too:


You and me both! :grin:

My Arabic is slowly fading with lack of use, but I never managed to have a grasp of North African dialects, bar the odd word. A few of my friends back home have parents from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, and I used to love listening to them speak in that guttural sing-songy way…

I grew up listening to Yemenite and Egyptian dialects at home (from both sets of grandparents), which is much more like the Arabic I learnt in school, even though each has its own peculiarities. Terrific language.

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On interesting languages. Someone might be interested in this Finnish language upbeat occult surf garage rock band: Pääkallo. The whole album is a bit of a gem, melodic, atmospheric and with great beata. Some of the members are in a death metal band called Deathchain that is nothing like this project :rofl:


Wonderful! Reminds me a bit of Tom Waites in certain phases :ok_hand:

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I went to see these guys on Saturday. Their best gig in years. Love the new album (1982, on Mute Records).

They started under Tony Wilson on Factory Records and now, after many years, they’re sharing a label with New Order again.


RIP Gordon Lightfoot. His songs sound like my childhood, especially this:

My parents (probably my old man) must have played that one loads when I was little.

And if I had a top-ten list of Best Use Of Strings In Popular Music, this would be near the top:


Never gets old

Many years later I discovered a Latino instrumental version


Oh, If You Could Read My Mind is just beautiful… :heart_eyes::blue_heart:


Saw him live in Leeds many years ago …

Been listening to this Madness track in the car today, probably my favourite Madness track…

As far as I know it’s the only Madness song not sung by Suggs, and it’s inspired (apparently) by the Ipcress File film.

I first heard it in my early teens and loved it. I also had a bit of a strange teenage crush on Michael Caine (don’t ask! :flushed:), so no wonder it got my attention. Regardless, I think it’s a fab little song…


I’ve been cleaning the house to the musical and linguistic kaleidoscope that is Mano Negra:


Is anyone from here going to Linn House in Whitefield tonight to listen to the new"Flagship Speakers"
Cool cost £87500

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I’m listening to Tina Turner today. :cry:


I still own Linn kans from the 1970s …

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You need something to replicate that power!

She started singing with Ike Turner in 1957 the year I was born. So she has been turning out hits for my entire life!


I had the pleasure of seeing her live on her 1984 comeback tour. Quite what Lancaster University Great Hall was doing on the tour schedule I don’t know but will be eternally grateful that it was.


This post is not going to be cool. But we went to ABBA Voyage on Friday and I have to tell you we had the most wonderful time! Most people there were, like us, around for at least the back end of ABBA first time around (my first single was Gimme Gimme Gimme) although there were some second generation types there too. The avatars (sorry, Abbatars) are amazingly convincing, solid looking and 3d, and everyone knows more or less every song, so it’s one long joyous singalong. It may be more Aperol Spritz than Vosne-Romanée - they sell the former, at the price of the latter - but you will leave feeling happy, and your friends need never know. :slight_smile: