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Favourite artist and track

Goodall was a risky choice for a first Ring: if one could ever admit that the Ring goes on a long time…

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In preparation to seeing him at the Proms tomorrow, Andras Schiff plays Beethoven’s piano sonata No.30.Recorded in 2013 Japan.:


Thank you @spmember so much for the Siegfried recommendation and link. I have started watching it. Terrific, it encapsulates humanity and drama. The set is outstanding and the character of Mime is wonderfully portrayed. It just proves that great names are not needed.
I am enthralled by it.

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Powerful stuff and beautifully performed…

…which I’d love to hear at volume in a concert setting.


RIP Pharoah Sanders. So many great tracks, here is one:


Oooh, forgot how great this one is…everything’s just spot on.


Wilco Johnson has played his last chopped guitar chord 21st Nov. First saw him with the Solid Senders in 1978 and last time pre-plague Holmfirth in 2019

There are very few musicians who in two strokes of a plectrum play both the rhythm and lead guitar parts, whilst singing AND wrote Dr.Feelgoods’s finest music ! Ferocious stage presence.

Here’s some early stuff (I’m not in the audience) - blimey the state of that TV presenter.


I saw Dr Feelgood three or four times from 1975 to 1978 I think, in Guildford, Aylesbury (we hitched there and back from Oxford) and amazingly Saarbrucken. Lee Brilleaux’s antics on stage gave rise to one or two shall we say awkward moments with the German girl I’d taken…

Always a great night out though!


In my top five all time favourites …. You have taste ma’am
He is a grumpy twat though and we’ve spent 40 years waiting for the equal to it which has never happened


He may have struggled to achieve the same musical peak but at least his grumpiness never failed him! I do like Inarticulate Speech of the Heart a lot in fact.

That’s not quite what I wanted but seem to be having trouble getting the right link!

Amazing what you can find