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Favourite artist and track



Good question! And yes, lovely morning over here too :+1::sun_with_face:
For me it’s anything by Django Reinhardt - always fills me with sunshine, and - predictably, I admit - either The Hissing of Summer Lawns or Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell. The latter I listened to somewhat obsessively whilst revising for my first year exams, back in the gorgeous spring of 1995… (Getting all misty eyed) :sunflower:


It’s amazing what he can do with so few fingers.

I love this album! The way it ebbs and flows, just fabulous.


It has to be Don Henley’s boys of summer even though it’s a bit cheesy :sunglasses:


Love Django, Hot Club de France, Stéphane Grappelli - one of the top three gigs I ever went to was Stéphane Grappelli - saw him in Lausanne in 1981 with Martin Taylor & Diz Disley - think Jack Sewing was on bass, but can’t remember. The most feel-good gig ever!


Oh, I can imagine that!!! Wish I could be there, but I was just starting primary school - so was otherwise unavailable :wink:
But yes, Django and Grappelli are played regularly in our house, and certainly bring the mood up whenever a boost is needed…


You can go off people, you know … :wink:


Ha Ha!.. I just splattered my coffee everywhere, so your revenge is complete! :wink:


Does Tiesto come under “artist”? :thinking::thinking:
Although, dance music aside, this is one of my favourite tracks EVER.
My Dad took me to a back street venue to a Bert Jansch gig when I was about 14 and he played this. Couldn’t quiet believe anyone could do this with their hands!


To my eternal shame I turned down a ticket for Led Zeppelin at Aberystwyth, for a weekend away with a GF that fizzled out, as almost always is the way!?!

So “Kashmir” gets my vote.
For a catastrophically unmusical “Taff,” it is one of the very few songs that I can press the button and in my mind; off we GO!!
I was once described as a “cultural desert,” you know, she WAS almost entirely correct.
(At that time!) . lol!


I LOVE this tune. It’s the only Bert Jansch album I have and I keep meaning to check out some more. I’ve just remembered that Paul Simon had a stab at this number as well, first version of it I heard.


Nothing gets my head bobbing to polyrhythms like Kashmir¹. It’s one of those songs that’s on a planet of its own - I can’t really think of anything since that’s ever sounded quite like it.

¹Except maybe Tool.


Steely Dan also help me shake any excess blues, and bring back happy Californian memories… Peg and Reeling in the Years always get my sunny vote, whereas the daughter melts at the first note of Kid Charlemagne. RIP Walter Becker :v:


The last gig we went to was the Hot Club of Cowtown. Not exactly my favourite genre but they were fab live and the guy on the double bass is a genius


Too many favourites to narrow it down too much. Here’s a couple of things I listen to at the moment:

Something fairly recent…

Something very old…

Something funky…

Something Irish folky…

Ask me next week it would be something completely different.


My favourite favourite song will probably always be Gimme Shelter. For the summer, I really like anything Soca - it’s a genre from Trinidad that is a bit calypso, a bit dancehall. Super fun.


I was corrsponding with an old friend, they are all old now, who lives in Newcastle and does the musical input for the blog we write for, he has an amazing appreciation and depth of knowledge on virtually all forms of music.
I was talking about the recent one he did about Jeff Beck, because Jeff Beck dips into modern jazz which is my genre and the only one I can give a good account of myself on, modern pop and rock and its’ derivatives sadly leaves me cold for the most part today but listening to Beck at least gives you something to hope for, he is truly remakable in his mastery of the guitar something in the past that applied mainly to jazz guitarists, this number covers all the slots, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus and played at Ronnie Scotts with the equally capable on bass Tal Wilkenfeld, not my favorite anything just very very good.


Feast your ears!


This is maybe more apt for a contemplative autumnal evening, but I just LOVE this song, and can listen to it whatever the weather…


I’d say any music comes from an artist. I’m a big fan of trance music; Above and Beyond, Armin and indeed Tiesto

Many people here have more traditional tastes. Or are they just not admitting to it?! :wink:

(FWIW I love a lot of 90s music too - anything that triggers a memory)!


got this going round in my head - the weeks, slave to the south

and this, mountains make me crazy


but what am I doing wrong - they’re only showing up as links, not embedded videos??